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. . .Life is a race. Win! . . .Cherry Bomb billboard

Chryslus Motors was a Pre-War automobile manufacturer.[1]


Before the war, Chryslus manufactured fusion power vehicles and the Chryslus Corporation sponsored an exhibit at the Museum of Technology.[2] The company produced cars under the Corvega brand, such as the Atomic V-8 and Corvega Blitz.[1] After the Great War, the cars are sold and discussed by salespeople across the wastelands.[3][4]


FO3 Sedan clean render.png
FO76 Cherry Bomb.png
Cherry Bomb


The Chryslus Building is located in Washington, D.C.


Behind the scenes

  • The Cherry Bomb appears in Forza Motorsport 6, renamed as the "Chryslus Rocket 69." It was available for all Fallout 4 players. The new name of the car is a reference to a song of the same name "Rocket 69" which was released in 1954 and sung by Connie Allen. Rocket 69 is featured in Fallout 4 and is played on Diamond City Radio.
  • The company is mentioned in the Fallout Bible and Fallout 3 development blog.[Dev 1][Dev 2]
  • Wand Company created die cast models and lithographs for Chryslus Motor cars.


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