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Christopher Ortega

Christopher "Chris" Ortega is an artist who worked at Bethesda Game Studios on Fallout 76 as a concept artist. He designed concept art for various posters, architecture and outfits in the game, as well as Shannon Rivers, the sheepsquatch and characters in Wastelanders.[1]


Christopher Ortega's work on the Fallout series can be found here.

Employment history

May 2005April 2007Upper Deck EntertainmentGraphic Designer
April 2008April 2009TimeGate StudiosConcept Artist
April 2009October 2010Electric Bat InteractiveLead Concept Artist
October 2010October 2014LightBox InteractiveProduction Artist
October 20142020Bethesda Game Studios AustinSenior Concept Artist
2020presentAspyr MediaConcept Artist


Fallout series

2018Fallout 76Concept Artist

Other work

2009Section 8Concept Artist
2012StarhawkProduction Artist