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Christina Rose is an actress who voiced AVA, Amy Kerry, the bookstore owner in the holotape In memory of books, and other additional voices, such as Trisha Miller,[Dev 1][Dev 2] in Fallout 76.


Fallout series

2018Fallout 76AVA
Amy Kerry
Bookstore owner (In memory of books)
Trisha Miller (uncredited)
Additional voices

Other works

2009All My ChildrenSamantha
2016World of Final FantasyCeles Chere
2019Dark Web ExposedNarrator
2019Rage 2Iris Farley / Goon Rocketeer / Shrouded Small Car / Vineland Civilian


Developer Statements
  1. Christina Rose on Twitter: "So stoked to finally announce that I’m voicing AVA, Amy Kerry, and Trisha Miller in #Fallout76 - Hmm holidays are around the corner... cool gift idea 🤩🤪 @Fallout76_HQ @GameVoices @bethesda @BethesdaStudios #VideoGameVoices #voiceover #LoveMyAgent @MarciPolzin"
  2. Christina Rose on Twitter: "I’m sure we will. I voice 7 different characters. You’re bound to run into me a bunch. AVA is pretty classic so listen for me as her. 💫"