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Dr. Christina Bryan was a botanist working at the Arktos Pharma biome lab before the Great War.


Christina worked in food crop research and began her quarterly logs outlining phases of her experiments, which included DNA extractions, gene cloning and designs, transformations, and backcross breeding, among others. Phase 3, which involved the actual testings, was designed to circumvent strict government regulations,[1] and when it began, the experiments showed great promise.

They aimed to genetically enhance crops like corn, wheat and tomatoes by bombarding them with radiation, which led stronger resistance to insects and time to ripeness being cut in half. She also considered the crops to be juicier and more flavorful, though they had less healthy, nutritional value and increased risk of pathogens.[2][3] She soon realized the negative effects of the radiation, which would damage the crops' surroundings, but considered it insignificant in the face of global problems with food supply.[4]

After the bombs dropped, Christina and other scientists stayed underground in the Arktos Pharma biome lab. They held out for as long as possible before sending people to the surface to investigate. This was a decision that Christina and the scientists immediately regretted, as there was nothing topside besies "death" and "ghoulish creatures." These creatures managed to get into the biome lab and began massacring the scientists. The last remaining technician attempted to make the lab's security systems recognize the creatures as a threat, but inadvertently disabeld their targeting paramaters instead. The automated security robots began killing everything in sight, including the scientists. Christina and seven others, the only survivors of the carnage, locked themselves in the lower generator room afterwards. She recorded a holotape pleading for help from anyone who stumbled across it, but she eventually died there with the others before help ever came.[5]


Christina Bryan is mentioned only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wild Appalachia update.