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Chris Taylor, also known as ChrisT, was the lead designer of Fallout and a producer of Fallout Tactics. He was also the lead systems designer of both versions of Project V13. With Tim Cain, he created the famous SPECIAL character system and much of the Fallout world.


After Fallout, he stayed at Interplay for a while, serving as producer on Fallout Tactics as well as designer of Star Trek; Starfleet Command, until he left to join Vivendi Universal Games, where he worked as a producer of Lord of the Rings Online. In 2008, he rejoined Interplay to work with Jason Anderson on Project V13, as the Lead Systems Designer. Together with Scott Everts and Tom Decker, he also founded Zero Radius Games, a board game company. In 2012, he appeared in the Mayan Apocolypse fundraiser video for the second Project V13.

Designer Diary

Fallout Tactics Designer Diary is a collection of seven developer diaries written by Chris Taylor, who served as senior designer on the game. They were published on IGN Vault between 2000-2001 and detail the game's development from its inception and release.


Employment history

19912002Interplay Entertainment
20022008Vivendi Universal Games.
2008presentInterplay Entertainment


Fallout series

1997FalloutLead Designer
1998Fallout 2System Design
2001Fallout TacticsProducer and manual

Other work

1999Star Trek: Starfleet CommandSenior Designer
 -FOOLLead Systems Designer
 -The Armageddon RagWriter



  1. NMA: Mr Handy from the original GURPS design doc. Drawn by Chris Taylor. As he notes himself, he's not an artist.