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Chris Anthony Lansdowne

Chris Anthony Lansdowne is an actress who voiced Quinn Carter, the Boss, the Motherlode and other additional voices in Fallout 76. She reprised her role of the Motherlode in the Wastelanders update, while also voicing Dr. Bethy Mangano and female Mothman cultists.


Lansdowne is best known as the voice of Barbie in various Mattel products, as well as an announcer for the children's radio drama Adventures in Odyssey.

Participation in the Fallout series

In an April 2019 interview/travelogue with fellow Fallout 76 voice actress and friend Paula Tiso, Lansdowne stated that Fallout 76 was one of the most fun things she had worked on because of the intense range of voices in her roles for the game, from a creepy computer (The Motherlode), to a tough journalist (Quinn Carter), to a lonely college student (Alisha Parker), to a clock (the timeclock during Mistaken Identity). When asked to perform the voice of an old country lady, Lansdowne took inspiration from a real person she met in Georgia who had a humorously stereotypical Southern accent.[Dev 1]


Fallout series

2018Fallout 76Quinn Carter
The Boss
The Motherlode
Alisha Parker (uncredited)
Timeclock (uncredited)
Additional voices
2020WastelandersDr. Bethy Mangano
The Motherlode
Cultists (female)

Other work

1987-presentAdventures in OdysseyChris/Announcer
1989Ring RaidersJenny Gail
1996Barbie Fashion DesignerBarbie
1997Barbie StorymakerBarbie
1998Detective Barbie: Mystery of the Carnival CaperBarbie
1998Barbie Riding ClubBarbie
1999Detective Barbie: Mystery at Lighthouse CoveBarbie
2001Johnny BravoBank Teller
2001Barbie: ExplorerBarbie