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Chinese Assault Rifle (Fallout 3)

FO76 publicteam xpd.pngFor an overview of assault rifle models, see assault rifle.

The Chinese Assault Rifle is a Small Guns weapon in Fallout 3.


The Type 93 Chinese Assault Rifle is an automatic firearm. Chambered for 5.56mm ammunition, it is the most powerful of the generic assault rifles in base damage and DPS. It has a weapon spread of 1.5 and is the third least durable 5.56mm weapon. In the Operation: Anchorage add-on, additional variants are available.


The Chinese Assault Rifle can fire a total of about 1,212 rounds, the equivalent of 51 reloads, from full condition, before breaking.


  • Xuanlong Assault Rifle - Available by completing the unmarked quest Jiggs' Loot. It has a 36-round magazine and the highest damage of any automatic small gun.
  • Jericho's Chinese Assault Rifle - A variant used by Jericho.
  • Sim version Operation: Anchorage (add-on) - a sim-only version of the weapon which differs only in health.
  • Unused Content High damage - An additional variant with 1000 damage can also be found in Operation: Anchorage, used in the DLC02TrenchClimberTrig02SCRIPT and cannot be obtained under normal circumstances.
  • Unused Content Dragoon - a variant named Chinese Dragoon Assault Rifle can be found in the game files for Operation: Anchorage.


Weapon name (current weapon is highlighted) Weapon name (melee or unarmed) Weapon name (current weapon is highlighted) Weapon name (gun, energy or explosive)
Damage per attack (damage per projectile) Damage per attack (damage per projectile) Damage per second Damage per second
Area of effect damage Area of effect damage Effect damage & duration Effect damage & duration
Bonus effects Bonus effects Attacks per second Attacks per second
Critical chance % multiplier Critical chance % multiplier Critical damage Critical damage
Critical effect damage & duration Critical effect damage & duration With all mods attached With all mods attached
Attacks in V.A.T.S. Attacks in V.A.T.S. Action point cost Action point cost
Damage per action point Damage per action point Weapon spread Weapon spread
Magazine capacity (shots per reload) Magazine capacity (shots per reload) Durability (number of attacks before breaking) Durability (number of attacks before breaking)
Weight Weight Value in caps Value in caps
Value to weight ratio Value to weight ratio Skill required Skill required
Strength required Strength required
Weapon name (current weapon is highlighted)Damage per attack (damage per projectile)Damage per secondAttacks per secondCritical Chance % multiplierCritical damageAttacks in V.A.T.S.Action Point costDamage per action pointWeapon spreadMagazine capacity (shots per reload)Durability (number of attacks before breaking)WeightValue in capsValue to weight ratio
Chinese Assault Rifle 11
Xuanlong Assault Rifle 12


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  • The Pip-Boy icon shows the Chinese Assault Rifle with a solid stock.
  • The side of weapon says "T 93."[1][2]


  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 In close quarters conditions, the rifle can clip targets or level geometry. This causes all shots to miss the target or be absorbed by geometry, even when the muzzle protrudes beyond the obstruction.
  • Xbox 360Xbox 360 Removal from inventory, or storage in a gun cabinet such as can be found in Outcast Outpost, can mysteriously and significantly degrade the condition of the rifle. Similar degradation can occur by manipulating the rifle with the grab tool.