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FO76 publicteam xpd.pngFor an overview of the topic, see child.
For the faction, see Children of the Cathedral.

Hey, are you gonna kill someone?— a kid commenting on the Vault Dweller wielding a weapon

Children are characters found in Fallout.


Unnamed children can be found running around such towns as Shady Sands, the Hub, Wright Estate, and the Boneyard. They can be talked to and asked about their parents, who are "around here somewhere." They will ask people carrying a weapon if they intend to kill someone. Killing any one of these grants the title of Childkiller.

Tell Me About

Query Response
Deathclaw Wah! Nightmare monster!
Raiders, Khans Big meanies!
Junktown I da know.
Brahmin Big stinkies.
Chip Ask mommy.
Water, Vault Ask daddy.
Merchants Funny sea songs.
Garl Bad man.
Shady Sands I'm not tellin' ya.
The Hub Big city.
Tandi I'm not tellin'.
Aradesh Nope, not gonna tell ya.
Seth Mommy doesn't want me to talk about him.
Razlo Daddy thinks he's funny.
Police Big peoples.
Caravans They have those stinkies that pull them.
Traders Nice people. They give me candy.
Children They don't like to play hide and seek.
Necropolis, Brotherhood, Boneyard Scary place.
Spot Yucky place.
Towers Mommy won't let us play there.
Town Daddy keeps telling us to play there
Downtown, Heights Big people area.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Red Ryder BB gun



  • Children have sprites for throwing, which means they are also capable of throwing grenades.
  • In the Fallout 1 versions of the game released outside of the U.S. (including the GOG release), the children were removed to avoid controversy about child killing.


Children appear in Fallout.

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