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Chad Moore worked as an artist on Fallout 2.


Moore joined Interplay in 1995, where he first led a team on a PSX project, before he created "fully-rendered cinematics to portray important story moments" for Fallout 2. He later worked for Troika Games and Treyarch Studios, before joining Carbine Studios in 2007. Shortly after Carbine's closure in late 2018, he joined Brian Fargo's inXile Entertainment.

Employment history

2019presentinXile EntertainmentCreative Director
Game Director
20142018Carbine StudiosCreative Director
Game Director
20072013Carbine StudiosLead Narrative Design
20042007Treyarch StudiosLead Character Artist
19992003Troika GamesLead Artist
Lead Designer
19951998Interplay EntertainmentLead Artist


Fallout series

1998Fallout 2Additional Art

Other work

1997Rock & Roll Racing 2: Red AsphaltLead Artist
2001Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick ObscuraLead Designer/Lead Artist
2004Vampire: The Masquerade – BloodlinesLead Designer/Lead Artist
2007Spider-Man 3Lead Character Artist
2014WildStarLead Narrative Designer

Behind the scenes

According to Chris Avellone, two "scruffy" characters were most likely named after Chad Moore; Moore from Fallout, and Thomas Moore from Fallout 2.[Dev 1]

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Developer Statements

  1. Question 3:"In F1 you can find a psyker named Moore in the masters vault. He is described as "A scruffy looking fellow." In F2, you find Thomas Moore in vault city, who is also described as "Scruffy." Coincidence or not?"
    Chris Avellone:"No coincidence. Both were most likely named after famed scruffy Interplay artist, Chad Moore, who constantly aspires to be as cool as me and fails because he is too scruffy."
    (Fallout Bible 9)