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Celldweller is a Detroit, Michigan-based electronic rock project that was created by multi-instrumentalist Klayton, former frontman and songwriter of the bands Circle of Dust, Argyle Park, Angeldust (with Criss Angel), and many more. Celldweller's music is multi-faceted, often labeled electronic rock and more commonly being described as a combination of metal and trance.


  • Klayton

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

The songs "Stay With Me (Unlikely)" and "The Last Firstborn," performed by Celldweller, are used in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel and played during gameplay.


Fallout series

2004Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel"Stay With Me (Unlikely)"
"The Last Firstborn"

Other work

2003Enter the Matrix"Switchback"
2007Crackdown"Afraid This Time"
"So Sorry to Say"
"The Last Firstborn"
2010Dead Rising 2"Eon"
"I Believe You"
"Kill The Sound"
"Narrow Escape"
"Switchback (Detroit 2000)"
"Own Little World"
"The Best It's Gonna Get"