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Yeah, I wasn't sure we'd make it out of there. Thanks for having my back. But, um... do you think you could make that an Old Possum instead?— Carver to Libby Wen

Carver Timmerman is a client of the Blue Ridge Caravan Company shipping caravans of his family's furs and furniture through Big Bend Tunnel.[1]


Carver comes from a family of hunters, the Timmermans, who supplied Van Lowe Taxidermy before the Great War.[2] Carver was born to Deborah and Gregory Timmerman not long before the Great War. As a toddler, Carver was very sickly. In November 2077, a few weeks after the bombs dropped, his mother sent a message to Shelley van Lowe, a close family friend who would later become her girlfriend,[2][3] describing how Carver suffered from a terrible cough and was becoming unnaturally skinny, although he survived this sickness.[4] After the Great War, Deborah took Carver to a settlement in the former state of Kentucky.[5]

Carver is now his mid to late twenties. He is said to be a fragile man.[6] The merchant responsible for his family caravan, contracting the Blue Ridge Caravan Company for transit through Big Bend Tunnel during the event Riding Shotgun. He is a nervous and insecure person and hesitates in critical situations. He is romantically interested in Libby Wen, though his awkward nature and her lack of interest in a relationship causes her to shut down those dreams.[7] In a conversation with Libby, he admits that he is the only member of his family that can run shipments for the caravan, as his mother is sick and Shelley is occupied with her duties as a trapper.[3]

Carver would rather not be paired up with his step-uncle Aries during work; neither of them show signs of knowing their family relationship. Carver is concerned Aries hates him and thinks he's a weakling loser, although Aries is apparently fond of Carver.[8]

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.


Riding Shotgun: Carver is one of the three possible choices that need to be guarded. He will be assigned to the guard Libby Wen.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Raider scavenger Crossbow Blue Ridge Caravan backpack


Carver Timmerman appears in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.



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    Carver Timmerman: "I... Okay, that's embarrassing. I was just hoping to..."
    Libby Wen: "Carver. This is the wrong time, I'm the wrong person, and that was definitely the wrong way to do it."
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    Libby Wen: "You know exactly what I mean. Let's take it from the top: Hi Carver, how are you today?"
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    Libby Wen: "Great."
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