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The caves started shaking, the lights went out, the kids started screaming. My God... Mister Pollack went outside to see what was going on. When he came back in, he told us what he saw. Clouds. Mushroom clouds. It's finally happened. The end of the world.Journal of Carrie Delaney

Carrie Delaney was a fourth grade teacher at Early Dawn Elementary school in Washington, D.C., chaperoning a student field trip to Lamplight Caverns on the day the Great War occurred.


On Saturday morning, October 23, 2077, Carrie Delaney was one of several adult chaperones (in addition to Claudia, Mr. Cob, and Mr. Pollack) who escorted approximately half of Early Dawn's students on a field trip to the nearby attraction Lamplight Caverns.[1] As the group was preparing to return home, the lights suddenly went out and the cave shook. Pollack went outside to investigate, and upon his return reported that he saw mushroom clouds. Delaney concluded, correctly, that a catastrophic nuclear war had occurred.[1]

In the days and weeks that followed, Ms. Delaney recorded journal holotapes of the group's subsequent time spent surviving in Lamplight Caverns and caring for the 82 terrified children taking refuge in the caves. The other adults - teachers, chaperones, and the remaining cavern staff - all either died during this time, or else ventured outside for help and had not returned.[2]

In a diary entry dated one month after the bombs dropped, Delaney's 10-year-old student Jason Grant wrote that she had also left the caverns that morning to seek help but had not returned. According to Grant, Delaney had been the last surviving adult in Lamplight, and her disappearance left the remaining children to survive on their own.[3]


Carrie Delaney is mentioned in Fallout 3.