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Cars are vehicle world objects in Fallout.


Found stacked across the wasteland, including in Junktown and the Den. Pieces of cars are also found, including car seats, doors, and tires.[1][2][3] Caravan wagons are converted from the wrecked remains of old automobiles.[4] The vehicles are sold at Bob's Pre-Owned Car Mart.[5]



{22401}{}{This automobile is in terrible shape. You cannot think of a way to restore it.}
{22501}{}{This rusted piece of scrap-metal cannot be restored.}
{22601}{}{You determine that this vehicle will never drive again. Really.}
{22701}{}{There is no way that this junkyard wannabe will ever drive again.}
{22801}{}{If the Mechanic of the Year suddenly appeared next to you, both of you could not fix this rusty heap.}
{40801}{}{This submerged car cannot be repaired.}
{40901}{}{This car is a little wet, and cannot be repaired.}
{41001}{}{This car has been poorly parked. Unfortunately, it is beyond repair.}


Cars are found in Fallout.



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  3. PRO SCEN.MSG (Fallout): "{10901}{}{A car tire, buried in the sand. Some small pieces of wood are piled up around it.}"
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