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FO76 publicteam xpd.pngFor a map of the Capital Wasteland, see Fallout 3 map.
Imagine a picture, okay? A picture of the Capital Wasteland. All that brick and rock. A whole lot of nothing, right? There's people out there trying to just barely make it from day to day. Fighting to stay alive and make something out of what they got. But then you've got all kinds of shit... Slavers, Super Mutants, Raiders... They all want a slice of the pie too and aim to take it by force.Three Dog

The Capital Wasteland or Capital Region is a location consisting of the Washington, D.C. ruins and surrounding areas.[1][2][3] The area stretches from Raven Rock in the northwest to Rivet City in the southeast and serves as the game world for Fallout 3, beginning in 2277.


During the Great War, the area was hit with nuclear bombs, receiving advanced warning after the west coast had been destroyed.[4][5] Those who did not secure space in a vault sought protection in alternate shelters, metro tunnels, and museums.[4]

National Guard units and their auxiliaries were mobilized throughout the area, prepared for an attack.[6][7] These aid stations were not sufficiently equipped, resulting in desertion and high mortality rates.[8] After the bombs fell, the city was on fire, descending into chaos as survivors looted and killed one another.[9]

Post War

Survivors of the war fled the Capital Wasteland to Appalachia, utilizing Union Station trains to escape.[10] Paige, head of the Construction Workers Union, mentioned seeing toxic green air lingering above the area as they left.[10] Remnants of the Naval Research Institute under the leadership of Horace Pinkerton established a new base in an existing science lab aboard an aircraft carrier that became Rivet City.[11][12]

In 2255, Elder Lyons' contingent of the Brotherhood of Steel arrived in the Capital Wasteland, establishing a base of operations within the Citadel.[13] Instead of moving on, the Brotherhood stayed in the area to assist in eradicating the region's Super Mutant threat and protect the scientists working on a water purification initiative known as Project Purity.[14][15] The Brotherhood's presence pushed mercenaries out of the area, but the slave trade persisted, spreading to the Pitt from a centralized location at Paradise Falls.[16][17]

Settlements such as Megaton, Canterbury Commons, Arefu, and the Republic of Dave were established, connected by trade caravans.[Pub 1][Pub 2]


Image Name Factions Settlements Military Bases Vaults Creatures
Arefu.jpg Central Plains and Potomac The Family
Big Town
Meresti Metro Station
Vault 106 Super Mutants
Mole Rats
FO3 Water place at the mall.jpg D.C. Metropolitan Ruins Brotherhood of Steel
Project Purity
Talon Company
Rivet City Council
Reilly's Rangers
Brotherhood Outcasts
Chinese remnants
The Institute
Rivet City
The Citadel
Ranger Compound
Galaxy News Radio Building
Mama Dolce's
Outcast Outpost
Super Mutants
Feral Ghouls
Fire Ants
Mole Rats
Canterbury commons1.jpg Eastern Hills and D.C. Outskirts Raiders Canterbury Commons
Wheaton Armory
National Guard Depot
Regulator HQ
Vault 108 Ants
Feral Ghouls
FO3 V87 entry.jpg Irradiated Western Plains Raiders
Little Lamplight
Fort Bannister Vault 87 Super Mutants
Grisleys diner.jpg Northeast Territories Fallout 3 Republic of Dave
Temple of the Union
Vault 92 Deathclaws
Paradise Falls.jpg Northern Mountains Treeminders
Paradise Falls
SatCom Array NN-03d Super Mutants
Feral Ghouls
SatCom Array NW07.jpg Northwest Territories Enclave
Talon Company
Brotherhood Outcasts
Raven Rock
Fort Constantine
SatCom Array NW-05a
SatCom Array NW-07c
Super Mutants
Exiting Vault 101.png Southern Plains and D.C. Outskirts Children of Atom
Brotherhood Outcasts
Apostles of the Eternal Light
Tunnel Snakes
Sudden-Death Overtime
Fort Independence Vault 101 Radroaches
Fo3 Tenpenny Tower.jpg Southwest Territories Nuka-Cola fan club
Tenpenny Tower
Warrington Station
Evergreen Mills Vault 112 Yao Guai
Feral Ghouls





The Capital Wasteland appears in Fallout 3. It is mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

The downtown D.C. area in Fallout 3 was over twice the size at one point, with 26 enclosed areas rather than final game's 12. The team decided it was too large and confusing and cut over half the zones.[Dev 1]

Fast forward nearly two years. We’re in alpha, and for the first time, we’re meeting Fallout 3. Up until this point, the game has been a collection of assets, tasks, code and lots of teamwork. The game is beginning to feel complete as everything comes together. We realized, however, that wandering the wasteland didn’t feel right. Something was off about that experience. What we realized was that the world felt pushed together. We simply had too much stuff, too close together.

This is because we were using the same POI density that had served us well for Oblivion. There’s no secret playbook at Bethesda that tells us what to do. We simply learn from what we’ve done before. POI density wasn’t something we really had a name for back then.

The trouble was that Oblivion and Fallout 3 are very different games. The sightlines in Fallout 3 are much larger, and you don’t have the major visual blockers of Oblivion’s forests and hilly terrain. Aside from all that, it’s a game where you’re supposed to occasionally feel lonely, and we weren’t achieving the tone we wanted.

So we made a decision. We could have pared back, but we decided to add a significant amount of new area to the North and West ends of the map. Remember that we were in alpha, and a lot of this work was supposed to be done. If you’re a producer, you should be squirming in your seat right now. This took our entire environment art and level design teams offline for the better part of two months. It was a painful decision, but we felt it was the best option to make the game what we wanted it to be.
Joel Burgess' blog



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  14. Lone Wanderer: "How long have you been here?"
    Elder Lyons: "It's been over twenty years since we arrived. And we've been struggling to contain and eradicate the Super Mutants for nearly as long. With the arrival of the Enclave, I have a terrible feeling the Super Mutants are the least of our worries."
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  1. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition pp. 71-72: "Ernest Roe: When he was 20, he set out to make his mark, using his sizable investments to found the trading post of Canterbury Commons with his sister Daisy. Nowadays, the Commons have become a regular stop for caravans in the Capital Wasteland. "Uncle Roe" makes sure that everyone gets enough from the caravans to eat a good meal every night."
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