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Candice Morris is a character planned for Van Buren.


Candice is well versed in a lot of wasteland and recent Hoover history, including the war with Caesar's Legion, and is eager to teach anyone who will listen. She is also very interested in newly discovered history to add to the Follower's records.

Lately, Candice has been in a huge funk because of the lack of attendance in her school. Since the Brotherhood War started, all of her pupils either moved away or thought that showing up to school was too risky because of the Brotherhood of Steel attacks. So, instead of teaching, Candice shoves her nose deep into her history books and rarely looks up.[1]

Interactions overview

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This character starts quests.


Other interactions

If the Prisoner has a high enough Deception skill, they can tell all kinds of tall tales and lies about the wasteland to gain Candice's favor.[1]


Candice Morris was to appear only in Van Buren.