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Café of Broken Dreams

The Café of Broken Dreams[1] is a special encounter in Fallout 2.


It consists of a small diner out in the middle of the wasteland containing all the different Vault Dweller models, including ones that could not be played, for example, as a black male or a female with red hair.

Tandi, Set and Dogmeat of the first Fallout can be found here.

The cafe is a copy of the Maltese Falcon in the Hub of Fallout.


If the Chosen One takes all armor off (down to the vault jumpsuit), they can get Dogmeat as a companion.


Behind the scenes

  • Attacking Dogmeat makes a man in a leather jacket appear and retaliate. This is a reference to the movie Mad Max 2: the Road Warrior and its principal actor, Mel Gibson.
  • The name "Café of Broken Dreams" is a reference to the famous painting, "Boulevard of Broken Dreams," which depicts deceased movie stars.



  1. Fallout 2 Official Strategies & Secrets p.117: "The Café of Broken Dreams
    This café, shown in Figure 6.3, is home to a host of near heroes, almost rans, and might have beens-all of whom have seen their best days pass them by. One of them may be a friend of yours from times long past. Chatting over a steamin' hot cup of joe is a great way to remember the good ol' days."