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UI C Icon ChiLun 01.pngThis is a transcript for dialogue with Chuck (Fallout).
Check Accuracy Verification: Transcript direct from game files as of 00:43, 2 August 2023 (UTC).



{100}{}{You see a dark-skinned man adorned with bright scarves and trinkets.}
{101}{}{You see Chuck, the gypsy fortune-teller.}
{102}{}{Hello, stranger. May I be of service?}
{104}{}{I'm just looking around, thanks.}
{105}{}{I'm getting to know the people of Adytum.}
{106}{}{Why do you assume that I need something?}
{107}{}{Hmm. Don't worry, my simple friend, you have great things ahead.}
{108}{}{And what do you think of our town?}
{109}{}{It's okay.}
{110}{}{Don't like it much. Not too friendly.}
{111}{}{You've done remarkably well, considering the hostile circumstances.}
{112}{}{I'm called Chuck. Welcome to Adytum. I'm afraid that most of the people here aren't too forthcoming with strangers, though.}
{113}{}{Yeah, I noticed.}
{114}{}{So, what's your job, Chuck?}
{115}{}{See you around, Chuck.}
{116}{}{Good journeys, wanderer.}
{117}{}{We all need something, don't we? And you wouldn't have talked to me if you didn't want something, whether information, conversation, or perhaps guidance. I can tell that you've been through a lot. What do you need?}
{118}{}{Uh, I don't need anything, thanks.}
{119}{}{Now that you mention it, perhaps you can give me some advice.}
{120}{}{[Chuck pulls out a set of Tarot cards.] Let me consult the cards. [Chuck shuffles the cards.]}
{121}{}{[Chuck pulls out a card with a picture of a man in a lab coat with a computer in one hand, and a card with a man in power armor.] The Heirophant and the Prince of Wands in the south . . . great wisdom and nobility await in a place to the south.}
{122}{}{[Chuck pulls out a card with a picture of a man with a vibro-blade and a flag.] The Prince of Swords in the north . . . you must face a powerful foe far to the north.}
{123}{}{[Chuck pulls out a card with a picture of a radio tower, and a card with a picture of a man in a suit with a scepter.] The Tower and the Emperor . . . great change awaits by the hands of a powerful leader. Whether that change is death, I cannot tell.}
{124}{}{[Chuck pulls out a card with a picture of a man dancing on a nuclear warhead.] The Fool. I cannot help you; you must make your own way in the world.}
{126}{}{Hmm. Thanks for the advice.}
{127}{}{Do you actually believe this stuff?!}
{128}{}{It works for me. If you don't want to believe then it's not for you.}
{129}{}{No offense, but it sounds like a load of superstition.}
{130}{}{Well, I guess we each have our own beliefs.}
{131}{}{If that is how you feel, then I suppose we have nothing more to discuss.}
{132}{}{Indeed, we do. And your universe is shaped by your beliefs, while my universe is shaped by my thoughts. We may not share beliefs, but I wish you well in your universe.}
{133}{}{It is home.}
{134}{}{Uh, yeah. See you around.}
{135}{}{Things do seem a little quite around here.}
{136}{}{I know what you mean. I've seen a lot of suffering.}
{137}{}{The Regulators make sure of that. The people of Adytum sometimes
 suffer because of their strict rules.}
{138}{}{I guess so. Well, see you around.}
{139}{}{And you're okay with this?}
{140}{}{Since I wish to stay here, I accept the Regulators as part of that
 which is Adytum. However, I do what I can to lighten their lives.}
{141}{}{You do not seem to agree with what they do.}
{142}{}{Is there anything else that you could do?}
{143}{}{The Regulators protect their own interests, and I must respect that.}
{144}{}{Yeah, whatever.}
{145}{}{I don't necessarily agree with that view, but can understand it.}
{146}{}{It's been good talking. See you around.}
{147}{}{Well, I'm only one person, but help in what way I can.
 I advise you to fight for what you believe in, but most of all, choose
 the fights that are worth fighting, and find the times when compromise and
 hope will win greater victories.}
{148}{}{Do you have any other advice?}
{149}{}{The people of Adytum have much to do in a normal day.
 They do not want their work to be found wanting at the end of the day.}
{150}{}{Yeah, well, whatever.}
{151}{}{Things do seem a little quiet around here.}
{152}{}{Thank you. It has been difficult. We lose people to the Deathclaws
 sometimes, and winters can be hard, especially when the Hub traders don't
 come. But we are surviving.}
{153}{}{Good luck.}
{154}{}{What is going on with the DeathClaws?}
{155}{}{They infest an area North-East from here, and can often take
 the lives of people given the task of trading with the Gun Runners.}
{156}{}{Hopefully you will find a solution.}
{157}{}{Yeah. Whatever.}
{158}{}{Perhaps. I think Adytum will be here. Instead of going to the world,
 the world must come to us, like you have.}
{159}{}{Hmm. I guess so.}
{160}{}{I'm a farmer. I also like to do a little bit of work on the buildings,
 restoring them and keeping them intact, and sometimes I give advice.}
{161}{}{What kind of advice?}
{162}{}{Yes, unfortunately. I think . . . it is a kind of crucible, that
 by surviving these hard times, we come to rely on each other and to learn
 the skills we need to survive. I think, eventually, mankind will be better for it.}
{163}{}{I don't agree. I have come across many gangs and raiders in my travels.
 They've become petty killers and thieves. I think that we all risk that eventually.}
{164}{}{Perhaps you're right. Certainly those who survive will be stronger.}
{165}{}{They will eventually destroy themselves. And the people who will be
 left will be the ones who work together to survive, like us.}
{166}{}{I'm glad that some of the outsiders, like you, feel that way.
 We need to find ways to work together to build something new.
 It won't start here; we are too regulated, but it has to start somewhere.}
{167}{}{Hello. What can I do for you?}
{168}{}{Can I help you?}
{170}{}{Just stopping by to say hello.}
{171}{}{I'm looking for a little advice.}
{172}{}{May I ask what you do around here?}
{173}{}{Hello, then. I hope you're doing well.}