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UI C Icon ChiLun 01.pngThis is a transcript for dialogue with Children of the Cathedral technician.
Check Accuracy Verification: Transcript direct from game files as of 00:43, 2 August 2023 (UTC).



{100}{}{You see a Children of the Cathedral technician.}
{101}{}{Drop your weapons and the Nightkin will let you live.}
{102}{}{Join us, don't fight us.}
{103}{}{You will become one with the Unity!}
{104}{}{Nightkin, take this fool prisoner. Our Master will be pleased.}
{105}{}{Please don't kill me. I only work here.}
{106}{}{You wouldn't kill an unarmed man, would you? Would you?!}
{107}{}{I surrender!}
{108}{}{You have no right to be here. What do you want?}
{110}{}{Who are you?}
{111}{}{You sick dogs! I tire of your life!}
{112}{}{What is this place?}
{113}{}{You are nearly a Nightkin now. I hope the dipping will not damage
 your intelligence further.}
{114}{}{I am part of the Unity. I am a glorious servant of our Master.
 I will be the one who sees you become part of the Unity.}
{115}{}{You will find out soon enough.}
{116}{}{This is the birthplace of the superior race! This is the womb from
 which the armies of god will strike from! From the flesh of the weak comes
 the next race of man. Those who survive the dip will become the soldiers of god,
 and with their hands we shall shape the Unity.}
{117}{}{You are mad! You are just plain crazy! Die!}
{118}{}{How does it work?}
{119}{}{You will be bound in the holy restraints. We will lower you into a
 vat of the blood of god, the holiest of holies. The FEV will shape and change
 you. You will be strong. You become a Nightkin if you are fortunate and
 worthy of the honor, else you will die the most painful death possible. Soon, I
 will be honored. I will become strong. Then I will fear no man.}
{120}{}{You've been around the Nightkin for far too long. Goodbye.}
{121}{}{Just why are you telling me this?}
{122}{}{Where did you get the FEV from?}
{123}{}{You will only leave here as part of the Unity, or a lost soul in Hell!
 [pause] Besides, I sit down here with a bunch of converts. It felt good to get
 this off my chest.}
{124}{}{Where did you get the FEV from?}
{125}{}{You killed the Right Hand of god. The Master will be most upset.
 Now, it has come time for us to join the holy flame!}
{126}{}{You killed the Master. The death of the Unity is your fault.
 You have caused the death of the human race. I hope you feel good about yourself.}
{128}{}{As a matter of fact, I do.}
{129}{}{You'll join him in a moment. Pray to whatever god took his place.}
{130}{}{I go to join him now, in the holy flames!}