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UI C Icon ChiLun 01.pngThis is a transcript for dialogue with Caleb (Fallout).
Check Accuracy Verification: Transcript direct from game files as of 00:42, 2 August 2023 (UTC).



{100}{}{This is Caleb, leader of the Regulators.}
{101}{}{You see a stern man in his thirties.}
{102}{}{You should know that we don't like strangers here. What do you want?}
{103}{}{Good day. May I be of some assistance?}
{105}{}{You have the look of someone important.}
{106}{}{Can you tell me a little about Adytum?}
{107}{}{Can you tell me what's going on here in the Boneyard?}
{108}{}{What's the history behind the Regulators?}
{109}{}{Tell me more about the Children and the Followers.}
{110}{}{Where can I find Zimmerman?}
{111}{}{Have a nice day. Thanks.}
{112}{}{Nice enough town. Me an' the Regulators work hard to keep it that way.
 Anyone in particular you want to know about?}
{113}{}{Who runs Adytum?}
{114}{}{Who does trading here?}
{115}{}{Nothing else, thanks.}
{116}{}{Stay out of trouble, got it?
 I'm Caleb, and that's a name for you to remember,
 'cause I'll be the one comin' after you if you screw up.}
{117}{}{I'm Caleb. I train and organize the Regulators here.}
{118}{}{Yah, I guess. You got the Blades up north, a pretty pathetic herd
 of people, and the Gun Runners a little north and a ways to the east
 through the DeathClaw Playground.}
{119}{}{Also, a ways to the south of here you have the Children of the Cathedral,
 who run a hospital an' a big church. Up a little bit to the north and to
 the east you got the loony Followers of the Apocalypse, who are all peace-types.}
{120}{}{Stay out of trouble.}
{121}{}{You have a good day, too.}
{122}{}{You back again?}
{123}{}{How c'n I help ya', son?}
{124}{}{What c'n I do fer ya', miss?}
{125}{}{You'd best keep your weapons put away while you're in town.}
{126}{}{Guga gu.}
{127}{}{Sorry, but I don't have time for you. Run along.}
{128}{}{Adytum here's run by Jon Zimmerman. He's an upright fella,
 takes good care o' the town. You should go an' see 'im. Anything else?}
{129}{}{Tine runs a shop over near the gates. It's down below the little bunker.
 He does all th' tradin' with the Hub and with outsiders like you. Anything else?}
{130}{}{We are the police force for Adytum. Most folks 'round here know
 enough not to cause any trouble.}
{131}{}{I'm in charge of training the Regulators an' makin' sure that the skags are working hard enough, and that no one moves in on us here. Anythin' else?}
{132}{}{Well, the Children of the Cathedral all live in this big
 black church-type building. They have some sort of big god,
 an' they go around tryin' to convert people to their cult.}
{133}{}{You'll find him in the big building to the southwest.
 He might be able to put enough sentences together to let you know
 that we're looking for some help with the Blades.}
{134}{}{What's going on with the Blades?}
{135}{}{Can I ask you something else?}
{136}{}{Thanx for the info. Goodbye.}
{137}{}{Sure. What else do you want to know?}
{138}{}{They've done something to Zimmerman's half witted son.
 But like I said, go talk to Zimmerman about it.}
{139}{}{Can I ask you something else?}
{140}{}{All right I get the picture. I'll go talk to Zimmerman.}
{141}{}{So, Zimmerman gave you the scoop on the Blades. Whatever.
 I'm sure he'll want to know when you've done the job.}
{142}{}{Where are the Blades?}
{143}{}{Why haven't you guys taken care of it yourself?}
{144}{}{Yeah, I'll be back when the jobs done.}
{145}{}{They're all to the north of here. You won't be able to miss their stench.
 Anything else?}
{146}{}{'cause its a waste of our time. I got better things to do
 than get out there and kill a few skags. Take more time showerin'
 up afterwards than dealin' with them. Anything else?}
{147}{}{So you're back. Go talk to Zimmerman}