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UI C Icon ChiLun 01.pngThis is a transcript for dialogue with Calder.
Check Accuracy Verification: Transcript direct from game files as of 00:41, 2 August 2023 (UTC).



{100}{}{You see a teenager.}
{101}{}{You! You did it! When I grow up I'm gonna get you!
 I'm gonna hunt you down and kill you! You killed them
 all! Aaaaaalllll! [Uncontrolled sobbing].}
{102}{}{It was the only way. The only way to stop them.}
{103}{}{How in Hell did you survive the nuke?}
{104}{}{It's a lie, kid. I didn't do it!}
{105}{}{You'd better go find a doctor, kid. You've got radiation sickness.}
{106}{}{You know kid, I don't need some tough guy trying to take me out twenty years down the road. Say good-night, brat.}
{107}{}{I heard about you. You run around the Wastes killing kids! Help! Nightkin!}
{108}{}{You're mistaken, child. I'm a good man.}
{109}{}{Yeah, and if you don't shut up, you won't live long enough to have nightmares.}
{110}{}{I ain't here to bother you kid, so just be quiet.}
{111}{}{I do what? They not just small guys?}
{112}{}{Okay. I'll be quiet. But I hope the Nightkin get you!}
{113}{}{Nightkin! Nightkin!}
{114}{}{Maybe it was someone else. But if it was you, I'll find you one day when I get older, and I'll make you pay!}
{115}{}{Hello, sir. Do you need a meditation flower?}
{116}{}{Hello, ma'am. Do you need a meditation flower?}
{117}{}{Child, has anything interesting happened here lately?}
{118}{}{Of course, child.}
{119}{}{Not right now.}
{120}{}{Flower pretty?}
{121}{}{Get that weed out of my face, you little brat!}
{122}{}{I heard Father Morpheus had a visit from the Master himself. He's real happy right now.}
{123}{}{Anything else?}
{124}{}{I'll bet.}
{125}{}{Not right now.}
{126}{}{Flower pretty?}
{127}{}{Get that weed out of my face, you little brat!}
{128}{}{Father Lasher says I have to keep my big mouth shut. He's no fun!}
{129}{}{C'mon kid. Surely, you've seen something!}
{130}{}{Father Lasher?}
{131}{}{Fun good.}
{132}{}{Sounds like he and I have a lot in common.}
{133}{}{That's great! May the Master bless you. [He hands you a flower.]}
{134}{}{Aw! You're no fun. Maybe I should tell the Nightkin about you!}
{135}{}{The Nightkin are my friends.}
{136}{}{You're a little too young to understand how much fun I can be.}
{137}{}{Go ahead. And I'll tell them about you.}
{138}{}{You start telling anyone about me, kid, and you're dead!}
{139}{}{Sure is. I picked it myself from a grove across town. Well, it was nice meeting you. May the Master bless you.}
{140}{}{What'd I do? What'd I do?!}
{141}{}{Are you sure you don't want a flower?}
{142}{}{I'll take it if you tell me what's going on around here.}
{143}{}{Fine. I'll take it.}
{144}{}{Sorry kid. I'm not a flower kinda guy.}
{145}{}{Sorry kid. You're a little too young to be giving me flowers.}
{146}{}{I dunno. Why you ask?}
{147}{}{I can't tell you that! The Nightkin would eat me!}
{148}{}{He's my teacher. He says every lash we receive brings us closer to the Master!}
{149}{}{What a charming man. We really must talk.}
{150}{}{Don't believe him kid.}
{151}{}{Where is this bastard? I'll kill him.}
{152}{}{Teacher? What need teacher?}
{153}{}{And you still haven't learned when to shut up? You must have dung for brains, kid.}
{154}{}{Uh, bye!}
{155}{}{Yeah. It is. Well good-bye_ ur_ may the Master bless you!}
{156}{}{But the Nightkin like me! They told me that if anyone bothered me, they'd kill 'em. So there!}
{157}{}{I heard there's a secret passage around here, but I haven't
 found it yet. Supposed to be real dangerous. Only
 Morpheus and the Nightkin are allowed there.
 Well, I'd better go. Praise the Master!}
{158}{}{That's too bad. May the Master bless you anyway.}
{159}{}{Please don't tell him I said anything to you! Please!}
{160}{}{Don't worry. When I'm through with him, he won't remember a thing.}
{161}{}{I won't. I promise.}
{162}{}{Mind your own business, kid.}
{163}{}{Rar! What you say?}
{164}{}{Life is tough. Learn to take it, kid, and quit whining.}
{165}{}{But I must! I must! Disbelief is pain!}
{166}{}{Please don't! He loves me! He's the only one who does.}
{167}{}{That's okay, I guess. May the Master bless you. Bye.}
{168}{}{Thank you! Oh thank you! May the Master bless you. Bye.}
{169}{}{Okay I will . . . (sniff) Maybe Father Lasher will be more kind to me after the Master takes over the world.}
{171}{}{And when's the Master going to take over the world?}
{172}{}{Tell me more about this, kid.}
{173}{}{He won't be. He'll get worse. But if you're smart, make yourself her favorite and he'll let you torture the new kids that come in.}
{174}{}{Ugh! Me like kindness.}
{175}{}{Soon, or so they tell me. We're going to have peace, and unity and the Holy Flame will be lit. And maybe Father Morpheus won't be quite so loud, either.}
{176}{}{Anything else?}
{177}{}{Father Morpheus?}
{178}{}{Loud sucks!}
{179}{}{Uh, I really don't know very much. Honest. Bless the Master! Bye!}
{180}{}{Hi. How are you?}
{181}{}{Fine, kid. What's the good news?}
{182}{}{Okay. So you got any dirt for your old friend?}
{183}{}{Pretty good. How about you?}
{184}{}{I dunno. Bored.}
{185}{}{I feel lousy. Do you know how long it's been since I killed anything?}
{186}{}{Uh, hello.}
{187}{}{Hello kid. Can you tell me what this place is about?}
{188}{}{Hi kid. What're you doing in this joint?}
{189}{}{Hi kid. How're you doing?}
{190}{}{Out of my face, brat, or I'll turn you into a belt!}
{191}{}{Hello? Rhyme with yellow! Funny!}
{192}{}{This is the Cathedral of the Children of the Cathedral.
 I don't know why they say Cathedral twice. We worship the
 Master, and we yell a lot about Peace and Unity.
 It sounds kind of dumb, but the Master's real smart,
 so I guess it must be okay.}
{193}{}{Tell me more about the Master.}
{194}{}{Sounds dumb to me, too. What are you doing here?}
{195}{}{Don't talk about your elders that way, okay?}
{196}{}{What kind of a brainwashed little fool are you? You're going to grow up to be one of these zombies! I should kill you now!}
{197}{}{I give out flowers. Every petal is peace, and the stem is unity. Or are the petals unity and the stem peace? Oh no, I don't remember! Do you want one?}
{198}{}{I'll take one if you tell me what's going on around here.}
{200}{}{No, thanks.}
{201}{}{Screw peace. Screw unity. And get that flower out of my face!}
{202}{}{Father Lasher says I shouldn't talk to strangers . . . until we have Unity, of course; then nobody'll be a stranger. Bye!}
{203}{}{I'm okay. At least until Father Lasher's next lesson.}
{204}{}{Maybe if you studied harder, the lessons wouldn't be so bad.}
{205}{}{Tell me more about Father Lasher.}
{206}{}{What kind of lesson?}
{207}{}{Stop whining, you little brat, and be grateful that somebody's bothering to teach you!}
{208}{}{I never do good enough! Never!}