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Bysshe: a leader in eco-friendly natural gas.— Harpers Ferry tunnel terminal entries

The Bysshe Company was a pre-War company in the energy sector.


Natural Gas Survey Project MD-16-001

Main article: An Antique Land

In 2077, Bysshe operated the research vessel USS Ozymandias after acquiring rights to the area of Point Lookout. The purpose of Natural Gas Survey Project MD-16-001 was to determine whether deposits of bio-gas were present in the area[1]

Operation: Mary's Little Lamb

Main article: The Lowe-Down

Bysshe commissioned engineer Calvin van Lowe to create an Imposter Sheepsquatch out of an Assaultron and cause a string of Sheepsquatch sightings. They did so to decrease property values in Lewisburg, making it more affordable to buy the real estate afterward.[2] The project team consisted of Calvin (codenamed "Blacksheep") as the main developer, Bo-Peep as the handler, and Big Bad Wolf as the fixer.[3] The Imposter Sheepsquatch escaped containment, severely injuring van Lowe and killing Bo-Peep.[4]

Harpers Ferry Tunnel natural gas pipeline

Main article: Out of the Blue

Bysshe offered to maintain a historic train tunnel near the town of Harpers Ferry, with the intention of running a pipeline beneath it.[5] Employees working in the facility survived the Great War.[6]



The Bysshe Company is also referred to as Bysshe Energy Partners and Bysshe Natural Gas Co.


Bysshe is mentioned in Fallout 3 and Fallout 76.



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