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Buster's Fine Emporium of Armament

Buster's Fine Emporium of Armament is a small gun store run by Buster in Fallout 2.


The store, which consists of one tent, is next to Son of Bob's Iguana Bits and is guarded by two men in combat armor. Buster resides inside the tent and sells weaponry. Buster offers a number of attachments for various weapons, including the scope for the hunting rifle.

The tent is surrounded by shelves with what seems to be duffle bags, containing additional ammunition and weapons stock. There is a fourth guard standing further away from the tent. Buster's personal bodyguards are equipped with Bozar light machine guns and are wearing combat armor and will attack the Chosen One should they offend Buster or get caught stealing from his shop.


  • Bozar light machine guns and combat armor - Worn and used by Buster's guards.

Shop inventory

Buster sells the following items (between three different bookshelves) with a barter skill of 120% and restocks every 7-14 days. Any item with a percentage after it is not always restocked.

Weapons Ammunition Apparel Skill Books Miscellaneous items


Buster's Fine Emporium of Armament appears in Fallout 2.