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Bust the Skulz gang

Not too much, actually. There's not much to do. I mean, Shark has been causing some fights at the Skum Pitt, as usual, but what else is there to do around here?Sherry

Bust the Skulz gang is a side quest given by Lars to put an end to the Skulz gang and their crimes in Junktown. Lars asks the Vault Dweller to get evidence or a testimony of the Skulz' illegal activities that will put them in jail for good.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: Bust the Skulz gang
Come across the fight at the Skum Pitt.
Eliminate the Skulz by convincing Sherry to give evidence.
Fight the Skulz with Lars.
Reward: 500 XP
Reward: 800 XP
Additional XP and loot from killing the Skulz

Detailed walkthrough

Violent solution

If the Vault Dweller visits the Skum Pitt in the evening, they witness an incident where a Skulz member is killed by the proprietor, Neal, for harassing his employee. When spoken to, Vinnie (the leader of the gang), asks them to steal Neal's Urn as proof of loyalty. Stealing the urn and showing it to Vinnie grants 400 XP and a small reputation drop. One has the option to return the urn later to gain more reputation than what was originally lost.

The Vault Dweller is then given the choice to help the Skulz exact revenge on Neal and Trish, which grants 300 experience points, but turns every guard in Junktown hostile. With at least 55 Speech, the Vault Dweller can tell Vinnie that they need time to prepare. They can then tell Lars what is happening, and help the guards attack the Skulz during their assault on the bar. The player character receives an additional 500 experience points when they speak to Lars after the fight.

Peaceful solution

The Vault Dweller can also solve this quest by convincing Sherry to leave the Skulz and testify against them. In order to do that, the player character should talk with Sherry, and convince her that there is no future for her in the Skulz.

One day later, Sherry will move to the southwestern part of the Crash House hotel. She will tell the Vault Dweller that she has left the Skulz and that she has begun a new life as a cook in the Skum Pitt and in the Crash House. At this point, the Vault Dweller can convince her to testify against the Skulz.

After the Vault Dweller has convinced her, they need to pay a visit to Lars and tell him that Sherry is willing to testify. This completes the quest.


  • 800 XP for the combat solution.
  • 500 XP for the peaceful solution.


  • The 800 XP from the combat solution is awarded in two parts: 300 XP directly after the battle for defending the Skum Pitt, and the other 500 for when talking to Lars and finish the quest.
  • If the player character steals the urn before instructed to, Neal will attack as soon as he sees the Vault Dweller.