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Bruce Nozick is an actor who voiced various characters in Fallout 4 and its add-on Nuka-World, as well as Fallout 76 and its update Wastelanders.


Fallout series

2015Fallout 4Pete Owens
Gunners (male)
Clint (uncredited)
Gouger (uncredited)
Ryder (uncredited)
Captain Wes (uncredited)
Mercenaries (male, uncredited)
2016Nuka-WorldCommander Bear (uncredited)
Sabot (uncredited)
2018Fallout 76Eyebots
Billy Braxton
Chris Fatur
Clifford (uncredited)
David Strauss (uncredited)
Robert Mitchell (uncredited)
Unused Content Cyrus Pickens (uncredited)
Additional voices
2020WastelandersGerald Whitehead
Cultist priest
Wandering storyteller (uncredited)
Additional voices

Other work

1995-96ERCraig Simons
1996Zork NemesisNemesis
1996-99Pacific BlueBurbin
2003-0424Division Agent
2004Halo 2ILB: Jim James (uncredited)
2007CSI: NYGene Hartley
2011L.A. NoireLenny Finkelstein
2011-12WeedsWhit Tillerman
2012DishonoredCity Watch / Thomas - The Brigmore Witches DLC
2013Hawaii Five-0Allen Kingston
2015Code BlackJack Irons
2015CSI: CyberGil Stevens
2015The Last ShipDr. Milowsky
2016All the WayStanley Levison
2017RosewoodGavin Eauclaire
2019Rage 2Gunbarrel Guard / Welter York / Authority AI / Various