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Broadcast Tower LP8

Broadcast Tower LP8 is a broadcast tower in the Capital Wasteland in the year 2277. It is located northeast of Montgomery County Reservoir and south of Oasis.


A radio antenna and a generator are found enclosed behind a metal fence; the latter's switch can be turned on to emit Signal Echo Foxtrot. The sealed cistern entrance is at the base of the hill on the northeast side (facing the monorail/highway ruins).


Broadcast Tower LP8 is southwest of the monorail and freeway skeletons and overlooks the reservoir with Paradise Falls in the distance. Activate the electrical switch, and triangulate the signal to a Sealed Cistern entrance below, to the northeast.Tour of the Capital Wasteland



This is a random encounter location. The exact spot is on the north-northwest corner of the gate that surrounds the broadcast tower and will be triggered within a radius of approximately 20-25 running strides.


Broadcast Tower LP8 appears only in Fallout 3.