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Brian Chapin/Inside the Vault

Brian Chapin > Inside the Vault
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An interview with Brian Chapin, part of the Inside the Vault series on the Bethesda Blog.



Fun Facts

When I was 12, I wanted to be a Marine Biologist. Then I spent a day shadowing one as part of a school project, and decided it was the most boring job in the world. (Disclaimer: In no way am I suggesting that being a Marine Biologist is, in fact, boring. I was 12 at the time.)
My ancestors helped found Springfield, MA in 1642. Good old Deacon Samuel had a statue built in his honor.

Are you sure your ancestor wasn't called Jebediah?

Not that I've spent much time poring over the records (that's been left to elder generations with far more time than I) but I'm fairly certian there's been at least one Jebediah throughout the years. Whether he's responsible for Whacking Day is a different question.