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Moo I say!

Brahmin are creatures in Fallout.


One of the major food sources and forms of transportation in the wasteland.[1][Pub 1] They are not considered dangerous.[2] Brahmin are used for meat and milk.[3][Pub 2] They are capable of carrying up to 500 lbs, have eight-compartment stomachs, and four testicles.[4][5][Pub 3] Their waste serves as a fertilizer.[6] In the New California Republic, herding brahmin is an industry and brahmin barons influence politicians and laws. Occasionally, a brahmin is born with a single head and are called "mono-headed Brahmin."[7]


Image Name Level Health Points (HP) Damage Threshold (DT) Energy Damage Radiation Damage Drops Game
FoModel Brahmin.png




Name (Proto ID)StatisticsDT/DRAbilities
Large brahmin
Experience Points
Hit Point
Healing Rate
Armor Class
Action Points
Melee Damage
Critical Chance
Damage Threshold/Damage Resistance: Normal
Damage Threshold/Damage Resistance: Laser
Damage Threshold/Damage Resistance: Fire
Damage Threshold/Damage Resistance: Plasma
Damage Threshold/Damage Resistance: Electrical
Damage Threshold/Damage Resistance: Explosive
Damage Threshold/Damage Resistance: EMP


Brahmin appear in Fallout.

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  1. Vault Dweller: "{114}{}{What's a brahmin?}"
    Billy: "{115}{}{What's a brahmin? You must be joking. Why they're one of the major food sources and forms of transportation around here. They haul the caravans. Dan says this is a really important job, but it's the Bone.}"
  2. Vault Dweller: "{113}{}{What's the spear for? Are they dangerous?}"
    Billy: "{132}{}{Dangerous? No, not really. They can give you a really nasty bite, but they're pretty cool. They fart and burp a lot. I don't know why.}"
    Vault Dweller: "{133}{}{So what's the spear for?}"
    Billy: "{135}{}{Oh, they can be awfully stubborn when I want them to do something. I just gently stick them to get them to move around . . . plus I don't want to get too close; they sometimes kick. }"
    (Billy's dialogue)
  3. Moira Brown: "Oh, don't worry so much about it. I'll be waiting here with a nice, tall glass of rad-cleansing brahmin milk for you when you get back."
    (Moira Brown's dialogue)
  4. Rose: "You just grab the brahmin by the scrotum and 'snip' four with one cut."
    (Rose's dialogue)
  5. Enclave field research terminal (Silo outpost), Field Entry: "Brahmin"
  6. Chosen One: "{198}{}{No, really. They grow Jet in brahmin shit... they use it as fertilizer.}"
    Troy: {201}{}{Really? Hmmmmm. I suppose brahmin... excrement would make a good fertilizer. I hadn't considered that before. Thank you, friend. I was curious about the manufacturing process.}"
    (Dr. Troy's dialogue)
  7. Chosen One: "{148}{}{Holy shit! That *is* Woody! Run Woody, run for it! Well, uh, gimp for it then! Go Woody go!}"
    Woody: "{152}{}{(Woody--for it is in fact Woody, not a Mummy, that stands somewhat drowsily before you--grabs the sides of the paper-mache sarcophagus, lets out a shriek and runs for the door, leaving a trail of toilet-paper 'mummy-wrappings' and a hasty 'Thankee kindly, Stranger!' behind him.)}"
    The Chosen One: "{153}{}{Hah! I knew it! You're finished in this town. You're not the Great Ananias anymore, you're just another ass.}"
    Great Ananias: "{155}{}{(The Great Ananias shrugs) I knew I should have picked up that mono-headed Brahmin instead. Oh well, back to the drawing board.}"
    Chosen One: "{156}{}{Mono-headed brahmin? Sure, who would ever believe that! Goodbye, you Charlatan.}"
    (Great Ananias' dialogue)
  1. Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Manual p.35: "Two headed cow: The two headed cow the standard livestock for the wasteland farming communities, are two-headed cows that do little more than wander around, digest the tattered weeds that sprout in the dusty earth of the wasteland and fertilize. They also make excellent target practice, unless of course the farmer is around."
  2. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide/Faction profiles: "Offering nothing more than some steak, you can easily drop these grazing animals if you’re hungry. Aim for the heads for a quick takedown."
  3. Fallout: The Roleplaying Game Rulebook p. 183: "A large, two-headed mutant female cow used as a pack animal. The brahmin’s profile is on p.341, and they can carry up to 500 lbs. of weight."