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A bounty hunter is a character who is hired to find or kill individuals in exchange for payment.

Fallout and Fallout 2

A bounty is placed on Tandi's head among the Khan raiders. The player can save her in the quest Rescue Tandi from the Raiders. Chris Avellone refers to himself as "one of the most fearsome bounty hunters in the wasteland."[1] Becoming a childkiller creates a bounty on the Vault Dweller or Chosen One's head, initiating a hunt among bounty hunters who will appear in random encounters.

Unused Content Vasquez is an unused character in Fallout, the dialogue of which states they are a famous desperado with a bounty on his head.[2]

Fallout 3

FO3 Contract Killer.png

In the Capital Wasteland, random encounters involving the Talon Company and the Regulators take place, with both groups operating as bounty hunters. If the Lone Wanderer has Good Karma, a private contract is taken out on them causing Talon Company Mercs to attack on site. If the player has Bad Karma, a bounty notice is issued to members of the Regulators.

Should the Lone Wanderer act against Burke's wishes during The Power of the Atom quest (either by disarming the bomb, or by killing him or Tenpenny), Talon Company mercs will periodically hunt the Lone Wanderer, carrying a Contract for extermination.

The Lawbringer perk allows the Lone Wanderer to become a bounty hunter by rewarding the killing of unlawful characters. A reward can be claimed from Sonora Cruz providing a finger from each of those killed. It also enables the Lone Wanderer to hunt down Junders Plunkett, a hostile outlaw who only appears after getting this perk.

The opposing perk is Contract Killer, which opens up bounty rewards for the killing of law abiding characters. A reward can be claimed from Daniel Littlehorn, the head of Littlehorn & Associates, providing an ear from each of those killed.

Fallout: New Vegas

Three card bounty widescreen.jpg

A bounty hunting quest in Fallout: New Vegas is given by Major Dhatri. He will ask that the Courier hunt down three Fiend leaders including Driver Nephi, Violet and Cook-Cook. He requests their heads in good condition to receive the full bounty amount. These bounties became open when Little Buster, a bounty hunter decides to get out of the game after only two successful hunts, Night Terror and Jackson, also members of the Fiends.

Colonel Hsu will present the task of dealing with Motor-Runner, the leader of the Fiends located in Vault 3. Hsu requests Motor-Runner's helmet as proof during the quests Three-Card Bounty and Bounty Killer.

As part of the quests An Ear to the Ground and Arizona Killer, both the NCR and the Legion asks the Courier to collect bounties. Private James Sexton of the NCR offers a reward for the killing of Legion soldiers, requiring the ears of those killed as proof. This is limited to 30 trade-ins. The Legion equivalent is given by Aurelius of Phoenix who asks that NCR Dogtags are turned in as proof. The reward scheme does not have a limit.

First Sergeant Astor offers a bounty for mercy killing NCR troopers who were turned into Feral Ghouls in Camp Searchlight. Astor requires the troopers dogtags as proof during the quest We Will All Go Together.

Should the Courier decide to work for Eddie, leader of the Powder Gangers at the NCR Correctional Facility, they will learn about his suspicions of a traveling merchant hanging around Jean Sky Diving. When the Courier investigates, and if they have the required Intelligence or Speech, the merchant will reveal himself to be a bounty hunter. He states that he knows there is no bounty on Powder Gangers, but hopes that the NCR will pay him when they see his work.

Caleb McCaffery is a bounty hunter with a bounty on his own head, placed by Francine Garret. She asks the Courier to kill him and bring back his hat as proof during the quest Debt Collector.

Fallout 4

FO4 Swatters bounties.jpg

The Sole Survivor can participate in bounty hunting on behalf of Diamond City, taking out hits on hostile groups (including feral ghouls, raiders, Super Mutants) in the Commonwealth. Bounties are posted near Swatters and within the Dugout Inn, both of which are coordinated as part of the repeatable miscellaneous quest Diamond City's Most Wanted.

Fallout 76

AS Emote Misc1.png
See also: Wanted

Bounties, or wanted status, are a consequence for lockpicking doors, resources, and containers belonging to other players or by destroying objects in their C.A.M.P. Each transgression will add toward the overall sum of the bounty. A wanted player and their bounty are visible to all other players from the map, indicated by a red banner.

A wanted player will not see the locations of any players or C.A.M.P.s on the map, except for teammates. Wanted players are considered flagging for PvP with any player, even teammates or temporary event teammates. Another player may automatically begin PvP by attacking the wanted player.


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