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The Boston Airport, or Boston International Airport,[1] is a location and potential settlement in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4.


Before the Great War, Boston International Airport served as a hub for both domestic and international flights. Airlines such as Horizon Airlines and Skylanes Air operated here, providing service to cities such as Chicago and New York and according to a sign near the area where the workshop is located, the airport also handled "private flying" (for example, general aviation or charter flights). Many people who were in the airport hangar and terminals were killed during the Great War.

It is initially deserted but later comes under the control of the Brotherhood of Steel.[Pub 1] While the Prydwen remains moored at the control tower, the airport has been repurposed as a logistics center. Everything the Brotherhood needs to operate passes through here: supplies from the Prydwen, salvage from the field, everything. Access is strictly limited and every inventoried element is tracked down to every single bullet and bolt.[2]

The Boston Airport serves as a forward operating base for all operations in the Commonwealth. Supplies are stored here, as well as the remains of Liberty Prime, who the Brotherhood plans to rebuild and use against the Institute. The Brotherhood's best soldiers are stationed as the last line of defense for both Prime and the Airport itself, with even Star Paladins encountered patrolling the walkway surrounding Prime. Behind Prime's building platform is the storage depot, where Knight Sergeant Gavil stores all incoming rations appropriately and supplies gear to field soldiers. Above that is a landing platform, where a general recreational area lies around it. Benches, vending machines, and several food items lie about to allow the Brotherhood to relax with each other before heading out.


Before the war, Boston International Airport was a major transportation hub on the East Coast. In addition to its distinctive control tower, it also had a large terminal, parking garage, runways, and numerous hangars and support buildings.

The airport suffered heavily from the war. Most of its major buildings, including large sections of the terminal, have long since collapsed, and the rising sea levels have swamped the low-lying runways and outbuildings. Only the control tower and a few hangars remain relatively intact. After mooring the Prydwen at the airport in Act II, the Brotherhood occupy the area and turn it into the base of operations for their war machine in Act III.

The following assumes the Brotherhood of Steel has arrived at this location. If you explore prior to this point, expect fewer terminals and items and many more frothing ferals.
Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map


Before the war, the airport was composed of several runways, hangars, and support buildings.[Pub 2] Struck by rising sea levels after the Great War, the runways and other low-lying buildings were submerged by the adjacent ocean.

The airport is comprised of a central terminal building, which is mostly destroyed, a parking garage, and a small garage. There is also a tarmac bearing the remains of several Horizon Airlines airplanes. The airliners are completely destroyed, with the wings separated and the fuselages torn into three parts. The aircraft interiors have been completely stripped out. The tarmac is also littered with an abundance of junk.

The entire site is inhabited by feral ghouls. There is a glowing one on the top floor of the terminal. The tarmac is sunken into the bay, and mirelurks inhabit the shore. On the lowest floor of the parking garage, there are two police Protectrons which can be activated using the Novice-locked terminal nearby. After the completion of the Reunions quest, the Brotherhood of Steel will establish a base at the airport, containing a helipad for Vertibirds, a gantry to hold the remains of Liberty Prime, and a supply depot. The Prydwen will also be anchored over the airport unless destroyed.


The settlement is used as part of several storyline quests for the Brotherhood of Steel: firstly as a build area to construct parts for the quest Liberty Reprimed, and also as a build area to construct the Signal Interceptor if siding with the Brotherhood in the quest the Molecular Level.

If the Sole Survivor makes enemies of the Brotherhood of Steel, the Sole Survivor loses control of Boston Airport as a settlement. The settlement cannot be regained until the Prydwen is destroyed through either Rockets' Red Glare, Airship Down, or With Our Powers Combined. The airport ruins must also be cleared of feral ghouls. Otherwise, when attempting to use the workshop, the message "You cannot use this workshop yet" appears.[Pub 3]

Additionally, any settlement defenses built and in range of Brotherhood troops will remain allied with the Sole Survivor and against the Brotherhood, in spite of losing the settlement.

There is an exterior waiting area at the end of the terminal that contains the workshop. It can be used as a settlement, but with severe limitations. Several settlement objects cannot be built, such as:



  • There is a fusion core in the generators at the southeastern end of the ground floor of the terminal.
  • There is a Mini Nuke guarded by a glowing one on the top floor of the terminal, just above the workshop.
  • There is a Fat Man in a car near the water on the runway. From the Boston Airport fast travel location, proceed east. The nose section of an airplane will be in front of the Sole Survivor. The Fat Man is in a van on the water's edge behind the nose section.
  • Racetrack Advertisement at the airport ruins, next to the information desk terminal computer.
  • Fishing Tournament Ad at the airport ruins, on a magazine shelf behind the information desk terminal computer, at terminal B. Found when clearing ghouls during the quest Duty or Dishonor.
  • Lucia's personal key on Knight Lucia. It opens her footlocker aboard the Prydwen.
  • Supply Log near the terminal and Gavil.
  • There are three sets of BOS II T-60 Power Armor that can be stolen from sentries. Once their armor is stolen, the sentries will continue to man their posts. If the sentries are killed, they will eventually respawn with new armor.

Related quests


  • The door to the left of the workbench cannot be disabled with console commands as it has an enable parent, but the door to the right can be disabled.
  • When X6-88 is brought along to the airport, the spotlights will lock onto him and begin beeping, but the Brotherhood of Steel soldiers will do nothing.
    • If Paladin Danse is brought along, they will not lock onto him, despite him being a synth.
    • However, if Danse is sent here after sparing him in Blind Betrayal, it will result in an endless battle between the Brotherhood personnel on the tarmac and their automated turrets. If Liberty Prime was reactivated during Liberty Reprimed and Ad Victoriam was completed for the Brotherhood, Prime will also engage Danse in battle. Because Prime's programming forces him to use his nukes more often than his laser beams in combat, this will usually result in the Brotherhood forces on the tarmac being annihilated while Danse is still up and firing at Prime.
  • There are two unique Brotherhood soldiers on the tarmac whose level and rank correspond with the Sole Survivor's level. Specifically, the first one is patrolling rounds in full combat armor around Prime's tarmac, and the second is the soldier in power armor facing away from the Prydwen. At level 56, the patrolling soldier is a level 68 star paladin, while the soldier guarding the passage into the tarmac facing away from the Prydwen is a level 61 paladin-commander.
  • When the Prydwen crashes down onto the airport in the relevant quest(s), it may look as though the ensuing explosion will destroy everything present, but this is far from the truth. The control tower survives, and the terminal building remains standing - merely the juxtaposition of that and the burning airship gives the impression that things are worse than they are. The area that is damaged the most is between the terminal building and the already damaged pre-War aircraft, due to the overwhelming presence of the Prydwen and the destruction its abrupt landing has caused. It remains difficult to relate the aforementioned area to its state before the crash. It can be said that superficially the airship is half-destroyed. Parts of the rear section have either become embedded in the earth or have come into contact with the ocean. The front half of the craft has been blown open, and the only notable component that survived is the bent metal framework forming the contours of the airship. Entering or hanging around the front section will result in taking damage from the flames.

Companion comments

When at this location companions make comments, which are activated before the barricades, both before and after the Brotherhood arrive. X6-88 offers no unique comments here. Additional comments are made in the Boston Airport ruins parking garage.

Location comments
Character Specific location Comment
Cait Barricades "Would be nice to fly away and leave the Commonwealth behind... but is there anythin' worth seein' out there?"
Codsworth Barricades "Ah the airport. Once a bustling hub of activity... now a glorified scrap yard."
Curie Barricades "Ahh, the airport. Can we fly to Los Angeles? I hear it is most lovely there."
Danse Barricades "Having the Prydwen moored above the airport keeps the Brotherhood within striking distance of the city."
Deacon Barricades "The airport. One of Tinker's favorite salvaging spots."
John Hancock Barricades "The airport, huh? Really seein' the sights, aren't we."
Robert MacCready Barricades "It's not the flying that would make me nervous, it's the crashing part."
Barricades, after the Brotherhood arrive "Brotherhood of Steel thinks Ghouls are all monsters. Let's see 'em make a move. I'll show 'em who the monster is."
Nick Valentine Barricades "If you're looking to do some salvage, you've come to the right place."
Barricades, after the Brotherhood arrive "The airport, huh? You sure you want to waltz through Brotherhood HQ with a Synth at your side?"
Piper Wright Barricades "The mystery. The intrigue. The airport."
Barricades, after the Brotherhood arrive "Cold steel, angry scowls, lousy hair cuts. All the touches I've come to expect from the Brotherhood."
Preston Garvey Barricades "Man... just look at all these old planes... it's hard to believe they could actually fly."
Strong Barricades, after the Brotherhood arrive "Strong hates Steel Brotherhood."


Boston Airport appears in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

Boston Airport is a real-world location of the same name.


PCPC If Wasteland Workshop is installed, trapping has been done and a beta wave emitter is controlling aggressive creatures, and/or crafted robots are present, the start of Liberty Reprimed may allow these NPCs to clip through the workshop wall into the previously locked Prime workshop area and kill the attendant scribes. This has no effect on the quest beyond temporarily interrupting Ingram's initial speech script when she runs to defend the scribes.



  1. Alana Secord: "Oh, yes. Uhh... Watchers have not shown any additional threats at this time. We're still monitoring increased activity around Fort Independence, though there's no immediate cause for concern. Boston International Airport remains occupied, and Brotherhood presence has been noted at several other locations. And, uhh... Despite a lack of concrete evidence, we have reason to believe that the "Railroad" continues to operate within the Commonwealth. Personally I suspect they're becoming more ambitious, but I can't confirm that at this time. For now, we have assets monitoring all known situations."
    (Alana Secord's dialogue)
  2. Gavil: "Let me guess. Captain Kells sent you?"
    Sole Survivor: "That's right. You're in charge here?"
    Gavil: "I am. And you're here about the missing supplies. Let's take this somewhere more private. Follow me. We've converted this section of the terminal into our primary supply depot. Everything the Brotherhood needs to operate passes through here. Supplies from the Prydwen. Salvage from the field. We handle it all. Access is strictly limited to the Logistics detail. And we track every crate, every bullet, every bolt that comes through that door. Which is why I don't take kindly to these accusations. I know every soldier in this unit. The thought that anyone would question their loyalty makes me sick. If you've got questions, ask. Otherwise, try to stay out of our way. Sir."
  1. Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Collector's Edition pp. 324-325: "ZONE 4: COASTAL COMMONWEALTH
    Those hoping to vacation on the eastern shores of the Commonwealth would do well to pack a copious supply of ammunition and have trained long and hard for this outing, as the threat level of the roaming miscreants in this zone is deemed “most dangerous.” The township of Revere has been razed by Raiders. Nahant offers quiet walks interspersed with carnage, courtesy of ferals. Up north, Salem long continues its reputation for horror. Farther inland, toward East Boston and the airport, the ferociousness of your foes lessens just a little. The Brotherhood of Steel's imminent arrival at the airport should provide a brief respite should you agree to ally with them. Finally, those brave to dip their toes in the ocean may find one or two surprises under the waves."
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    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide/Map)
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    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide/Map)