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Bo-Peep was the code name of a Bysshe Company operative who lived in Appalachia before the Great War. She was Calvin van Lowe's (code name "Blacksheep") handler.[1][2] While overseeing van Lowe's work, she maintained a small monitoring station on the rooftop opposite Van Lowe Taxidermy.[3]


Despite having fought hard for the job, Bo-Peep became worried when van Lowe's efforts to develop a new product for Bysshe were not panning out as quickly as one would hope.[4] This was driven by pressure from her superiors, in particular the project's assigned fixer, a senior Bysshe operative with the code name Big Bad Wolf, who did not share her enthusiasm for van Lowe's projects.[5]

She was killed by a modified Assaultron unit developed by van Lowe while waiting to meet him in Bastion Park,[6] after it had already killed van Lowe and escaped from his lab.


Bo-Peep is mentioned only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wild Appalachia update.