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A Blank Book is a crafting item in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.


Created by giving books to the Book Chute in The Sink. The Book Chute will accept (among other things) Large Burned Books, Large Destroyed Books, Large Ruined Books, Large Scorched Books, Small Burned Books, Small Destroyed Books, Small Ruined Books, Small Scorched Books and Pre-War Books. Blank Books are used in the workbench crafting recipe for various skill books in Old World Blues. The recipes are as follows:



  • The Courier needs 25 blank books to make one skill book.
  • The exchange of books is 1 to 1, no matter the size of the old book. A total of 325 books is enough to produce all of the recipes.
  • As with many of The Sink's personality units, the Book Chute's function makes a previously worthless group of items hold much greater value, albeit to a more limited degree. The first 325 can be used for a greater purpose, though converting books after that point merely makes storing a still-worthless item slightly easier.