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A jar of bio gel used in the biomedical field.Fallout 2 description

Biomed Gel, biomedical gel, or biogel is a material mentioned across the Fallout Series.


Preservation and replacement involve the bio med gel being "cooked" so as to clear up any contamination the gel may have sustained during its time in storage, needing reactivation, or "sizzling" to reactivate brain function.[1] The gel cost approximately $1000 per pint.[2]

Bio med gel has alternative medical capabilities outside of its use for transplanted organic brains, as bio gel can also be used to regenerate injuries to damaged limbs and organs, as well as preserve them.[3] This was seen with General Clifton's eye, which had been regenerated perfectly, and was able to bypass a retinal scanner.

Private First Class Dobbs was killed in battle but taken to Sierra Army Depot VI and submerged in this gel in order to experiment with its regeneration effects. It kept him alive, allowing him to be subsequently brought back to life. He then died due to Post-Cryogenic Syndrome which causes patients to completely dissolve once removed from the gel.[4] It can only keep tissue preserved for so long before corrosive degradation occurs.[5][6]

A cyberdog named Rex experiences brain degeneration due to the length of time it has been preserved in biogel. If a brain replacement is not found in time for a brain-assisted robot, the brain eventually dies ceasing the function of the machine.[7]


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In the cancelled Van Buren, Boulder Dome was meant to be the inventors of bio med gel along with many other scientific breakthroughs.[Doc 1]


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