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Berry Mentats (Fallout 76)

FO76 publicteam xpd.pngFor an overview of Mentats variants, see Mentats.

If you need a boost of smarts, with a hint of firecracker berry.Fallout 76 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide p.105

Berry Mentats are a consumable item in Fallout 76.


A chem created by the Med-Tek company, Berry Mentats are a berry flavored variant of the original Mentats. Packaged in an identical metal tin, this version of Mentats increases a user's Intelligence by three additional points while losing the Perception effect.


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Recipe: Berry Mentats
Berry Mentats (1)




  • The highlight effect will be removed upon death.
  • The highlight effect will linger upon taking another chem.


  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Playstation 4Playstation 4 Prior to patch, the highlight effect can sometimes be triggered by teammates who are far away and can causes stability drops and crashes. [verified]
  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Playstation 4Playstation 4 The highlight effect duration cannot be extended via Chem Fiend. [verified]
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