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Beat Francis at armwrestling

You think you can take me, eh? All right. You win, you get this power fist. I win, and you're my gimp for a night.Francis

Beat Francis at armwrestling is an unmarked quest in Fallout 2.


Francis, the Super Mutant at the Broken Hills bar, is searching for someone who can test his strength with a game of armwrestling.


Francis sits in the bar in downtown Broken Hills, near Marcus. When spoken to, he will offer a challenge to the Chosen One: Armwrestling. If they can beat Francis, they will receive a "Big Frigger" power fist, a powerful Unarmed weapon. If they cannot beat him, they agree to being Francis' "gimp" [1] for the night. Francis will only offer the challenge if the player character has at least 2 Intelligence, 8 Strength and is level 6 or higher.

Beating Francis requires high Strength and Endurance, between 8 and 10. It is possible to loose even with high stats, as the game performs a dice roll rather than a flat check. A chem such as Buffout can be used to increase both stats temporarily, and can be obtained from Eric as a reward for diverting power to his home.

If Francis wins, the Chosen One becomes his gimp for the night and will wake up at his house with a ball gag in their inventory. The Tanker vagrants on the PMV Valdez in San Francisco will also reference the night.[2]


  • The quest is unavailable if Francis is confronted about his note.
  • It is possible to use Buffout on Francis and wait six hours for the withdarawal effects (-2 STR, -1 END) to kick in.


  1. Francis: "You think you can take me, eh? All right. You win, you get this power fist. I win, and you're my gimp for a night. Do you want to do it now, or would you like to take some time to rest up?"
    (Francis' dialogue)
  2. Tanker vagrants: "So how was it, taking it from a mutant?"
    "Did that big strong mutie Francis hurt you?"
    "Francis play with you?"
    "Francis is a pretty big guy."
    "Big ol' Francis, huh?"
    "Hey! It's the gimp!"
    (Tanker vagrants' dialogue)