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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Baka, leader of the Fools at Scrapheap


{100}{}{You see Baka.}
{101}{}{You see a woman.}
{102}{}{Crypts should not be here, should they boys? [The other Fools shake their heads.] I think you should leave.}
{103}{}{I made a mistake joining the Crypts. I want to be on your side.}
{104}{}{I came with a message from Phrax.}
{105}{}{I will, thanks.}
{106}{}{Then we should wear the coat of a betrayer? One who would deliver their own? No dog is as low as you.}
{174}{}{And no, you shall not wear the mantle of a Fool. You will wear the mantle of a traitor, and my garrot will be its mate.}
{107}{}{I feel as if your coat may turn again, but your words sway me.}
{173}{}{You shall be as if a Fool, but listen well and mark these words of mine: if you betray us as you would your former mates, then you shall die - with a grimace, not a laugh.}
{108}{}{Phrax is not brave enough to speak this message with his own voice? He is no man, of that I know. And he sends this boy to say his words. Well, then, say them and be done.}
{110}{}{He said to leave town and you won't be killed.}
{111}{}{He said have a nice day.}
{112}{}{Hahaha! I like a man with a sense of humor. You can live. Sorry, just joking.}
{113}{}{I don't think you fully understand the ramifications of what you just said. I hope you learn them before your bones dry in the desert sun. Unfortunately, I don't think you have very long.}
{114}{}{What have we here? We heard that someone new was in town. This must be you, everyone else looks oh so familiar. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Baka, Queen of the Fools.}
{115}{}{Why do you call yourselves the Fools?}
{116}{}{I hear that the Crypts and you are having some difficulties.}
{117}{}{You look like a fool to me.}
{118}{}{After the War, only the Foolish remain. If I was brave enough, I would have taken my own life years ago. Instead, I pander to whatever gods of chance are left.}
{172}{}{Gods of fortune, gods of fate. I care not as long as I get the last laugh. We can't join death so we laugh at it.}
{119}{}{Understandable. I sort of agree with it. Can I join?}
{120}{}{We could use another hand. Let me think about this. [She puts her hand to her chin, and parades around the room dramatically.]}
{175}{}{Yes, you can be the next jester in
the Fool's court. Welcome to the Fools. Betray us and die.}
{121}{}{Be careful with the words you choose. Not all are as forgiving as I am. I play the part, or the part plays me, but there is always room for another corpse to liven the drama.}
{122}{}{I wasn't sure, was that a threat?}
{123}{}{I'll try and behave.}
{124}{}{It was, now it is among the last words you will ever hear.}
{125}{}{Good, see that you do.}
{126}{}{What do you want now?}
{127}{}{I want to join your gang.}
{128}{}{Why do you want the Power Generator?}
{129}{}{I don't know if I should trust you. Prove your worth.}
{130}{}{This chicken walks into a bar . . .}
{131}{}{I'm the best fighter around.}
{132}{}{You could use a good man around here.}
{133}{}{[Minutes pass as you finish your joke. With a nervous smile, you meet her eyes. She laughs.] I like you. You have proven you understand the Joke. You are now a Fool. Betray us and die.}
{134}{}{We'll see about that.}
{135}{}{Skippy? Your turn.}
{136}{}{There is only one thing that separates Scrapheap from the wasteland: the stench of brahmin dung. But without that dung, there would be no power generator.
{176}{}{And without that power generator, there is no reason to be in this dunghole. The generator provides light, warmth and even some hair-raising experiences.}
{137}{}{Why don't you control it?}
{139}{}{Because the Crypts do! They outnumber us for the moment, but if you were to join with us, we could take them.}
{140}{}{Sure. I'll join.}
{141}{}{No, thanks.}
{142}{}{You are a Fool. Did you think I would let you join that easy?}
{144}{}{Uh, no!}
{145}{}{Oh, ok. You're in. You are now a Fool. Betray us and die. Yadda-yadda-yadda.}
{146}{}{You lie!}
{147}{}{Well, how does it feel to be a Fool?}
{148}{}{I like it.}
{149}{}{Great! What do I do now?}
{150}{}{How can I get some of that cool armor?}
{151}{}{You'd better. Not many can delve the humorous depths of full Fooldom.}
{152}{}{Uh, yes. Thanks. Uh, what next?}
{153}{}{Hmm, yes. Good question. Well, I suppose we should plan our attack on the Crypts. We have to gain control of that power generator, or all is lost.}
{154}{}{What do you want me to do?}
{155}{}{Well, since you are the newest member of the Fools, and therefore the most expendable, I want you to scout the enemy and report.}
{177}{}{Go gather some intelligence or something, and bring back news of the enemy. [She waves her hand in a dismissive gesture.]}
{157}{}{Well, should we attack?}
{160}{}{Then why do you bother me? Do your job and report back as soon as possible!}
{161}{}{Excellent! Fools! We go to battle!}
{162}{}{You are a Fool on double-secret probation. You don't get Fool armor until you pass probation.}
{165}{}{The Crypts shall be buried once more!}
{166}{}{Perish scum!}
{167}{}{Who said you could come out of your graves? Return!}
{168}{}{Uh, nothing.}
{169}{}{You lie! Go to your work before I open a can of whup-ass on you!}
{170}{}{I don't think I'm ready.}
{171}{}{Uh, yeah. Good bye.}
{172}{}{Only the Foolish remain! Now I, Queen Baka, rule the Scrapheap.}