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B-263 mission log is a holotape in the Fallout 4 Creation Club creation Noir Penthouse.


It can be found on B-263's corpse at Fairline Hill Estates.


Log Entry 106-337


Targets R3-28 and J9-04 have been reclaimed. R3-28 had tried to become a Provisioner to stay on the move, but all it took was giving a bottle of pre-war whiskey to some farmers to find out his routes. R3-28 gave himself up as soon as he saw me. He knew what would happen otherwise.

J9-04 was hiding in plain sight as a supply vendor in Diamond City. He thought surgery would hide his appearance, but I was able to get his resident history file from a confidant. After I pieced together who he really was, I confronted him in the market. He cried out to the guards that I was a Synth, but nobody believed him. I've helped enough people around here that I've gained their trust, and Mayor McDonough was there to back me up.

I told everyone J9-04 (or "Harold" as he was calling himself) had been stealing from farmers and selling the goods. Nobody tolerates a thief, and they didn't care what I did with him after that.

I am now returning to my designated above ground headquarters to await further instructions.

Log Entry 106-385


Target #03-442, Railroad Agent "Brimstone" has been killed. My mission to obtain the whereabouts of the Railroad headquarters from her was unsuccessful.

She hired me as a detective to find her long-lost mother, but during the course of my interaction with her she discovered my actual purpose. She had to be destroyed before she could give away my cover.

The SRB will be upset about this, but the additional agent names I was able to coerce from her before her death will certainly be of value.

Log Entry 106-399


I've been tasked with reclaiming or destroying two escaped Synths, R3-11 and PR-15. These are highly optimized combat units who may have had their memories erased by the Railroad.

It is unclear if they retain any memory that they are Synths. However, the two of them have been spotted several times meeting in secret at Fairline Hill Estates, which is odd behavior. It seems that they might remember each other, which means their memories may somehow be returning.

R3-11 or "Burner" has been located with a Raider gang at Back Street Apparel.

PR-15 or "Cpt. Janssen" has been located with a Gunner squad at Hub City Auto Wreckers.

With the Penthouse possibly being compromised, all of the additional data I've uncovered about them during my investigation has been uploaded to the secured databank at University Point, file number SRB-XRJ33806.

Based on their observed pattern, they should be meeting again tonight at Fairline Hills Estates. I'll be waiting there to get the surprise advantage.

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