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Ayla's plans is a holotape unused in Fallout 76.



Ayla: Frankie, you goof. You said you'd be back yesterday, and I gotta go into Foundation for a while to take care of my mama. Then I'm going to go to one of them Vaults around here and look for gold. I heard they had bars of it! When I get back, I'm gonna buy one of them Vault-Tec C.A.M.P.s and then I'm gonna set up a nice farm with some Brahmin and tatos... I talked with Grahm about it and he said he'd stop by. Said he likes stopping by those places now. Heck, maybe... I dunno. Maybe we can convince your brother to leave the stupid loser gang he's in and stay with us instead! Remember you told me that he used to talk about opening up a bar? Well... maybe that's how we can get him out! We just have to remind him that capitalism is waiting, he just has to quit that gang of maniac communists and get some gold! I'll be back with the gold when I can. Love you bunches.