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Automated defense system

As you enter the room, you hear the machinery and electronics come to life. As your eyes adjust to the light, you realize you are staring down the many barrels of the base's automated defense system, which doesnt seem to discriminate against intruders.— Pre-Battle introduction text

The automated defense system is a location boss in the Wastelad holotape minigame.


A bank of turrets, the automated defense system is the last line of defense against any would-be intruders.

Deployed to guard the abandoned armory, the defense system is made almost entirely out of a collection of automated machine gun turrets.

These turrets have a thick cylindrical tube as the main "body", which is mounted on a tripod with short yet telescopic legs. It has a powerful automatic main armament, as well as a 360° range of rotation. It also appears to have a carrying handle for easy transportation.


The automated defense system appears in Wastelad.