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Aubrie Willem/Dialogue

Aubrie Willem > Dialogue

UI C Icon ChiLun 01.pngThis is a transcript for dialogue with Aubrie Willem.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
4 003FC0EA 003FCB08 Stay back! You with those... things? Huh? Answer me!
just saw all your friends killed by Scorched. have been hiding in a cave when the player walks in
7 004286E1 Answer me! Who are you?
just saw all your friends killed by Scorched. have been hiding in a cave when the player walks in
8 004286E2 Are you one of them? Huh?
just saw all your friends killed by Scorched. have been hiding in a cave when the player walks in
9 004286E4 I'll... uh... meet you there. Just need to rest.
player told you to head home
10 004286E5 I'll Paige know what happened here. God have mercy on all of us...
player told you to head home
11 004286E6 You go on ahead.
player told you to head home
12 004286EB Stay out of my way.
you're mad at the player
18 00590485 Like I was saying. Let me know if there's anything I can do to repay you.
19 00590486 I swear, they never touched me. I'm fine.
20 003FCB02 003FCB05 They hit us out of nowhere. Screams. Gunshots. The sound of Kip getting his head caved in. God...
21 Don't know how long I've been here. I guess... I was just hoping it was all a nightmare, you know?
22 00402A11 00402A93 Damn it.
reaching for your gun
23 00402A13 00402A64 I don't have to take this. I'm not infected and I'm leaving. You hear me? I'm leaving!
26 00402A17 00402A75 You're right... As a doctor, it'd be irresponsible of me to head back. Just... let them know what happened, ok?
27 This disease... don't let it infect Foundation.
28 00402A19 00402A76 You're a doctor? I had a practice in Pennsylvania before... all this. *sad chuckle*
29 I don't have any abrasions. Cleaned all the exposed skin with whatever disinfectant I could find.
32 00402A1D 00402A6A Thanks. I... uh... yeah. I just needed to see a friendly face. I thought I'd be trapped here for the long haul.
33 I don't have much to repay you. Well, I don't have anything at all, but if there's anything you need, just let me know.
34 00402A1F 00402A89 Is that what they're called? You a local? No offense, but your neighborhood is seriously messed up.
35 00402A21 00402A6F He did? Never seen you before. You one of the locals? You got one hell of a welcoming party here, you know that?
36 00402A23 00402A7C All right. Just... don't start yelling about "the one" or anything crazy like that.
60 004286B9 004286D4 Like hell I'm not.
reaching for your gun
61 004286BB 004286CC How generous. Now stay out of my way.
62 004286BD 004286D5 Shit. *sigh* All right. But I can't just hole up here, waiting for... Just tell Paige what happened, okay? Keep the others safe.
63 004286BF 004286CD One piece of good news... *sigh* Thanks. I'll let Paige know what happened. That's one hell of a disease you got here.
64 00429965 00429972 Argh...
short, violent death
69 00590467 0059048A You locals sure are friendly. Look, I've seen it first hand. Trust me. I'm on board.
Sarcastic and a little nervous.
70 I'll just be on my way and make sure to tell Paige this threat is real.
71 00590469 00590489 Thanks again. I'll be damn sure to avoid those things on my way back.
72 0059046B 00590482 Uh, yeah. Yes. I'm on your side. After what I've seen, we need do all we can protect ourselves against those things.
73 0059046D 00590487 Thank God for that. If there's an inoculation, we need to get that to Foundation yesterday.
74 This disease of yours is no joke.
75 0059046F 00590480 I was a doctor back in Pennsylvania. If Paige needs convincing you can tell him I'm behind you all the way.
76 After experiencing those... Scorched, first hand? That's not something I want to lose anymore people to.
77 00590471 00402A66 You got it. He knows I'm a doctor, so he'll listen to me.
78 And thanks. I don't know the details of this disease, but I'm damn glad to be walking away from it alive.
79 00402A7E Wait. You're saying a disease made those things?
80 What's the transmission? Airborne? Direct contact? They never touched me, I swear.
87 00590474 0059047F Those things... are caused by infection? If that's the case, Paige needs to know as soon as possible.
88 Any disease that can claim a human mind and turn us against ourselves is a major threat.
89 How is it spread and what's the incubation period? The symptoms? Is there a treatment?
91 005A225D 004286E8 You go on... I'll... figure something out...
player told you that you are infected with the Scorched Plague
92 004286E9 Go on...
player told you that you are infected with the Scorched Plague


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
6 00570D5E 0042AFD6 The key to making it in this world is knowing how to pick your battles.
7 0042AFD7 You know, sometimes if you're doing poorly and can't do a task just right, that's okay. Do as much as you can and be proud of it.
8 0042AFD8 You don't look so good. Feeling alright?
9 0042AFD9 Hey, if you ever find an apple out there, let me know. I'm trying to see if I won the war on behalf of all other doctors out there....
10 0042AFDA Here's my health tip for you: eat lots of chocolate. No, seriously. It's good for your heart, but more importantly diets are overrated.
11 0042AFDB I used to tell people to take the stairs to get healthy. Well, that's less of an issue now isn't it?
jokingly because it's the end of the world and there are only stairs now
12 0042AFDC Remember to take a break to stretch, especially if you're in power armor for more than eight hours a day.
78 0059047D Hey, thanks for helping me out back there. I talked to Paige about this plague of yours, and made sure he takes this inoculation seriously.
79 0059047E That Nuka-Cola inoculation of yours was a pretty smart concoction. I never would have thought to use that old manufacturing plant.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00543E01 00543E03 Doc Aubrie here. If you're hearing this recording, it means Foundation's clinic could use some Emergency Kits again.Visit the clinic for more info!