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Aubrey Copland was an employee of Nuka-Cola Corporation and the leader of a three-person team that was responsible for attacks against Vim! Pop Incorporated before the Great War.


Aubrey and their team operated out of the basement armory, an unmarked location southeast of radiant crest shrine. Their ultimate goal was to drive Vim! Pop Incorporated out of business or force a buyout by Nuka-Cola with the aid of Vernon Conroy and Madison Young. Their focus was also slightly shifted to acquiring the Vim Captain's Blend recipe on orders from their employers, but ultimately they were forced to stay with their original tactics after being unable to recreate the recipe on information gleaned by Madison.

Their tactics started with discouragement through disrupting local confidence in Vim before escalating to thefts and attacks on workers. They were somewhat successful; the company lost 15 million dollars in the month of October alone.[1] Their activities reached radical levels when they shot out the tires of a Vim truck, knocking out the driver and stealing the power armor off the back of it. Upon hearing the air raid sirens, they attempted to openly attack the factory with a missile launcher, hoping that it could be blamed on an enemy attack. Unfortunately for them, the air raid sirens signaled the start of the Great War and global annihilation, rendering their efforts at sabotage fruitless in the end.[2]


Aubrey Copland is mentioned only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.