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Attracting the Nightstalker

Attracting the Nightstalker is a paper note in Fallout 76.


The note can be found in the Sons of Dane compound, on a chair on the stage in the Buck's Den Beer Hall.



Here's a list of what seems to attract the Nightstalker to the Hall. We'll put this info to use when we put out the nightly call:

-Playing music on the instruments.
-Blasting the Jukebox.
-Swinging around those instrument weapons Pauly rigged up and bashing ferals with 'em.
-Killing stuff. It seems to love fresh blood.
-Being drunk (We think it can smell the alcohol on us).

Don't do any of this stuff 'til nighttime when we're ready to face it! We will kill that Nightstalker once and for all!