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The Super Mutants are a faction led by Attis, a former general in the Master's Unity in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.


Attis was one of the commanders of the faction of Super Mutants who fled to the East after the death of the Master and the destruction of Mariposa Military Base. Starting to talk about themselves, Rhombus, now High Elder of the Brotherhood of Steel, thinking they were a threat, demanded during the elder council that the Brotherhood look into it. But the elder council answered in the negative, because the former expedition grew by similar ambitions (track down and assess the extent of the remaining super mutant threat) against Gammorin's army, and the incident ensuing divided the Brotherhood, creating a splinter faction of the Brotherhood of Steel.

But Rhombus didn't listen to the elder council and started a crusade against Attis' army. With some scribes and paladins, he mounted a new expedition and began tracking the mutants.

Attis' army searched for clues regarding the history of FEV before trying to make the Master's plan a reality and learned about a Vault-Tec Corporate installation called the Vault-Tec Corporate Vault, with new and possibly improved versions of the FEV. During the travel, the army came across the Carbon Mill and encountered Raider Matron, who offered to sell slaves regularly.

After that, the army traveled to the ghoul city of Los, where the Vault-Tec Corporate Vault was located. Their first goal was to rebuild the mutant army and develop a cure to mutant sterility, as the Vault scientists' research was dedicated to improving the original FEV in order to maintain reproductive functions.

Arriving in Los, Attis attempted to negotiate with the Church of the Lost, the cult that controls the city, but in vain. Just sometime later, a contingent of paladins of the Brotherhood of Steel lead by Rhombus arrived and a battle broke out between the mutants and the Church of the Lost, and the Brotherhood paladins. The Brotherhood of Steel group was annihilated and Rhombus was captured. Attis used this confusion to his advantage and managed to get into the Vault-Tec Corporate Vault. However, his army remained blocked at this level because they couldn't gain access to the lower level, which required a key card.

Triggering a siege on the city to get the key card and going to war with the Church of the Lost, Attis continued to prepare his plan. Later in 2209, the Initiate came into Los, destroyed a weakened Church of the Lost, killed Blake (the high priest of the cult), and came to the Vault-Tec Corporate Vault to destroy both Attis' army and the vault itself with the key card stolen and hidden by Rhombus. The Initiate killed many super mutants and entered the Hub chamber of the residence area.

When the Initiate refused to give him the key card, Attis engaged the Initiate in combat, using his retractable arm blade to fight. When he lost, two nightkin appeared and quickly stunned and captured the Initiate. Taking them to an area with a huge pit down to the ruins, Attis took the key card, cut off the Initiate's arm, and commanded the two nightkin to throw him into the pit. A few moments later, the Initiate encountered Mary in the ruins, who helped lead them to the garden, where all survivors of the vault now lived. When they arrived, the survivors gave the Initiate a new arm with a restoring organic table.

Attis had penetrated deeper into the Vault, until the last section of the laboratory, and in the laboratory core, he had found the Vault-Tec modified FEV. Just before the Initiate arrived and combat started, he tested it on himself and found that this FEV is unable to make mutants fertile. However, unforeseen consequences followed, revealing another potential of the Vault-Tec modified FEV; it led to strange side effects and his skin turned darker. During the battle, Attis exploded and decomposed into strange organic biomass, a rapidly-multiplying multicellular organism that covered the entire laboratory section of the Vault-Tec Corporate Vault.

In this gigantic form, Attis tried to make the rest of his army in the vault "join" him, but they were scared of him and began to fight back. After the Initiate found the vault's nuclear warhead, they triggered it and escaped with a monorail, destroying the remainder of the army inside the vault.


The Super Mutants appear in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.