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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

UI C Icon ChiLun 01.pngThis is a transcript for dialogue with Attis, main antagonist and end boss in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel..


Vault Residence 3


Ah, at last I meet the mouse who stalks lions. I am Attis, a general in the mutant army... and you have something I need, little mouse.
I have something you need? What?
Mutant army? You mean there are lots more of you freaks?
You act like this was all planned. How did you know I was coming?
Yeah, I've got it right here. A giant can of whoop-ass.
The key, of course. The key to the vault laboratory. You didn't know what it was for, did you? Well, my thanks to the Brotherhood for stealing it from those lunatic ghouls. Now you will give the key to me.
What? How did you know I had the lab key?
What's so special inside the vault laboratory?
You want the key, asshole? Come and get it.
You humans are easily manipulated. After the unfortunate business with the psycho ghouls, it was easier to let you bring me the key rather than enter a long, drawn-out siege on the city. I have other plans for my army.
Key? You mean this thing?
Mutant army? You mean there are lots more of you freaks?
Too bad I'm about to blow your head off. Is that in your plans anywhere?
The vault laboratory holds... let's just say it is a weapon. One that will give the mutant army a great advantage in our war against humanity.
Mutant army? You mean there are lots more of you freaks?
What kind of weapon are we talking about here?
You'll never see that weapon, because I'm going to kill you right now.
Yes, we are many. A mutant army. The destruction of our Master has only strengthened our resolve. We will control this vault - and its scientific secrets - then use it as a base of operations for our war on humanity.
What's the big "scientific secret" that you're so excited about?
Your Master had a similar plan... before he was destroyed.
I guess it's up to me to stop you. Shouldn't be too hard.
Enough talk! Does the lion hold conversation with the mouse in the wild?!? Your natural function is to succumb to the lion's will. Give me the key!
You'll have to kill me first, freak.
Is that an invitation to battle? How amusing! After I take the key from you, I will make a special decoration of your skull!
You're all talk. It'll be fun watching a big guy like you fall down hard.

Laboratory final showdown


Ah, it's the mouse. You find me... standing upon the threshold of utter failure. The chemical compound is... ineffectual.
Chemical compound? Where's the weapon you were searching for?
Fertility. That's what we came for. The research in this vault was centered around curing sterility due to mutation. Imagine, then, a treatment that allowed mutants to reproduce, to breed. That would truly be a weapon!
So their fertility research, it doesn't work?
No... their experiments failed. I have administered the treatments to myself. The only result is this - a greater level of mutation, like a terrible cancer. I can feel it... in my cells... multiplying... changing...
You look like shit, by the way. Maybe I should just leave you to your misery...
Perhaps... there is power here... yes, I can feel it! Following in my Master's footsteps, a new type of mutant is born. We will overcome!
All right, this time we finish it... wait... what's happening to you?