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Attack on Workshop

Stop the intruders!

Attack on Workshop is an event quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

  • Quest triggers automatically once another player claims an owned workshop.
  • Defend owned workshop against another player.
  • Stop the intruder and retain ownership of the workshop.

Detailed walkthrough

When a workshop already claimed by a player is then attempted to be claimed by another player, the quest is automatically triggered, activating PvP combat between the player who already claimed the workshop, and the player attempting to claim it for themselves. As long as the original player maintains control of the workshop, turrets can help defend the workshop from the attacker, but once the workshop is rendered neutral, the turrets can be turned against the original owner.

If the defending player is killed, but does not have Pacifist Mode enabled, they can seek revenge against the attacker, and vice versa if the attacker is killed, but still wants the workshop.

Should the defending player fail to protect the workshop and the attacking player claims it, the quest remains active until either the original owner tries to reclaim it by paying another sum of caps to claim the workshop again, or the attacker disconnects from the server, leaving the workshop unowned and free for the original owner to reclaim it without hassle to complete the quest alongside another Claim Workshop quest.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Stop the intruders from claiming your workshopStop the intruders!
?Quest finishedReclaim your workshop from the intrudersMy workshop at <Alias=WorkshopLocation> is being contested. I have to stop the intruders!