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The Atomic Shop in Fallout 76 uses many songs licensed from APM.

Vault Raids

Super Soul Bossa (A)

Atomic Shop - Super Soul Bossa (A)

Neapolitan Aperitif

Atomic Shop - Neapolitan Aperitif

Rio De Janeiro

Atomic Shop - Rio De Janeiro


During The Legendary Run and Armor Ace seasons, new songs were added to the Atomic Shop, only playing during the season.

Space Age Swingers (A)

Played during The Legendary Run.

Atomic Shop - Space Age Swingers (A)

Lady Jet Sex

Played during Armor Ace.

Atomic Shop - Lady Jet Sex

Previously Used

Prior to the Nuclear Winter update, these songs would play on the Atomic Shop. They are now used at The Whitespring Resort.


Atomic Shop - Bossamania

Nice Swing

Atomic Shop - Nice Swing

Palm Grove Resort

Atomic Shop - Palm Grove Resort


Holiday themed songs will play on the Atomic Shop during Christmas and Halloween.

The Old Devil King

Atomic Shop - The Old Devil King

Jingle Bell Beat

Atomic Shop - Jingle Bell Beat

Dance of the Herald Angels

Atomic Shop - Dance of the Herald Angels

Playing In The Snow

Atomic Shop - Playing In The Snow


An additional Halloween song plays, along with The Old Devil King, but the song title is unknown.

Halloween Atomic Shop Music 2021 Fallout 76 Soundtrack
Holiday Atomic Shop Music Fallout 76 Soundtrack
Halloween Atomic Shop Music 2019 Fallout 76 Soundtrack
New Atomic Shop Music Fallout 76 Soundtrack
Season 1 Atomic Shop Music Fallout 76 Soundtrack