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Assaultron blade (Fallout 76)

The Assaultron blade is a melee weapon in Fallout 76.


A blade dismounted from the arm of an Assaultron and modified for human use. The handle is made from components of an Assaultron's lower arm, with a grip wrapped in black electrical tape. The weapon is similar in size to a machete.




  • One can be found (randomly) on the back of the red truck at Sylvie & Sons Logging Camp.
  • Can be obtained from Assaultrons.
  • One can acquire the plans to craft an Assaultron blade from one of the random encounters occurring at the northern Route 65 symbol on the map. To spawn the encounter start traveling north on the road from Dyer Chemical. The plans are on a dual-sword Assaultron that spawns next to a wrecked tank.
  • Can drop from the Imposter Sheepsquatch during the Encryptid event.