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Ashur's diary is a series of holotapes in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt.


The tapes are found in a locked Safe in Ashur's room in Haven and contain messages from Ishmael Ashur to his daughter Marie. Opening the safe, with or without Ashur's key, and taking them will count as stealing, thus result in negative Karma.


The script notes are: "Hesitates briefly at first, but gets into his stride, basically making a "video diary" for his newborn daughter, in case something happens to him."

Diary 1: To Marie


Test, one, two. Looks like this thing's on. Marie, if you're there, this is your father speaking: Ishmael Ashur, sometimes called Lord of The Pitt. Now, I hope you're hearing this ten years from now, sitting on my knee safe and sound. Right about now, I bet I'm looking pretty silly. But things don't always work out the way we'd like. There are a lot of risks, including what your mother would do if she heard me talking like this. And I'm not about to risk leaving you alone without knowing where you came from. These tapes are for you, so you can know who your father really was.

Diary 2: The Scourge


Marie, the first thing you need to know is that I wasn't always the Lord of The Pitt. Long before I was a king, I was a scholar and a soldier. In fact, I was in the Brotherhood of Steel. You've probably heard about them. But you may not have heard what we did to this city: the Scourge. When we came here, The Pitt was just a breeding ground for Trogs, cannibals, and worse. Commander had us torch the place and take what we could. The Pitt had useful technology, but it was suicide to stay here. So when an explosion left me buried in the Mill, my brothers were sure I was dead. I don't blame them for leaving. I probably would have. We thought nothing could live in The Pitt. We were wrong.

Diary 3: The Mill


Marie, you know those fights in the Mill's arena? Well, its first fight was when I woke up to someone pulling me out from a pile of rubble. At first I thought it was my brothers pulling me to safety. Instead, it was a Scavenger trying to steal my armor. She didn't get it. But I learned she had a whole family of scavengers. They'd make raids into the city for gear from the Mill. And that gave me an idea. This was the only working steel mill we'd ever seen. In a world of leftovers, it was a chance to build again. And that was worth any price. The scavengers saw me as a god, so along with my Brotherhood know-how, it was easy to set up the basics. We started to build a city.

Diary 4: The Cure


As word of a new settlement got out, the city started growing, and fast. When Raiders attacked, I'd kill the leader and recruit the rest. I had to. The city's disease meant we couldn't have children, so recruiting was the only way to grow. And as we grew, the Mill needed more workers. And, yes, that meant recruiting workers by force. I'm not proud of it, but it's the only way to keep the city supplied and armed. But it was always a temporary solution, until our best scientist found a way to cure the city's epidemic. Sandra and I worked on it day and night. And after one, particularly late night of work, we were blessed with a cure. It's the cure inside you, Marie. Even now, we're doing everything we can to figure out how to share your gift with the city - while keeping you safe, of course! So by the time you're old enough to hear this, you'll already be a hero. Congratulations, Marie. You've already saved us all. I knew you would.