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Artillery or Howitzers are ranged weapons that appear throughout the Fallout Series.


Artillery pieces are pre-War weapons used by the United States Armed Forces. They provide covering fire for ground forces, anti-air support, can soften up fortified targets, or fill a role in testing new varieties of shells such as Saturnite.


Image Name Location Form ID Games
Anti-aircraft gun.png Anti-Aircraft Gun Hoover Dam 0013721D FNV
FO4 Artillery Piece.png Artillery Piece The Castle 0018863A FO4
FO4 Artillery Piece.png Artillery Piece Appalachia 0032CE03 FO76
Big gun.png Gun Battery Artillery Overlook xx00546A FO3OA
Big gun.png Gun Battery X-7a "Left Field" Artillery Launch xx00A149 FNV
Fo2 Howitzer.png Howitzer Sierra Army Depot
New Reno Arms
FNV Howitzer.png Howitzer Nellis Air Force Base
Hopeville Missile Base
The Fort
00125C2B FNV



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