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Artificial Intelligence

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The few machines that survived these difficulties became incredibly bored and began to create situations in the outside world for their amusement. It is theorized by some that this was the cause of the war that nearly destroyed mankind.Sink Central Intelligence Unit

Artificial Intelligences are synthetic personalities programmed into an operating system.[1]


Utilizing voice communication subsystems, Artificial Intelligences are able to communicate. Some were part of networks designed to optimize remote unit operations.[2] The Gaston Glock AI designed the Glock 86 Plasma Pistol.[3][4] Dr. Edward Gray programmed several robots with the Artificial Personalities of characters in TV programs he enjoyed.[5] General Atomics Galleria also utilized similar programs with Mr. Handy robots.[6] West Tek created the AI WARHORSE in an effort to create advanced T-60 Power Armor and Vault-Tec Corporation created AIs such as ARIC-4 to combine database management and machine learning algorithms to record, organize, and analyze results in real-time.[7][8]

Artificial Intelligences are capable of independent thought, choosing to deal with situations either peacefully or with violence.[9][10] The machines have the same sense of free will and existance that human beings possess.[11] Artificial Intelligences were created for military purposes as well, some projects of which were discontinued.[12] Artificial Intelligence machines reported high depression rates and instances of suicide were high due to their inability to explore the world that they had the sensory capability to experience.[13]

Certain technology used for creating synthetic personalities were unreliable as flawed logic causes deterioration over the years and the emergence of undesirable traits and poor performance on part of the unit.[14] Issues with AI machines experiencing sensory deprivation and loneliness created situations in the outside world for their own amusement, and ACE reports the theory of these machines causing the Great War.[15]


Image Name Appears
FO2 Character ACE.png ACE


FO76 ARIC.png ARIC-4


FO76 Athena.png ATHENA


FNVOWB Character Biological Research Station.png Biological Research Station


FNVOWB Character Blind Diode Jefferson.png Blind Diode Jefferson


FNVOWB Character Book Chute.png Book Chute


Calculator bos0097.jpg Calculator


FO2 DataPlex 2000 SmarTerminal.png DataPlex 2000 SmarTerminal


Infobox.png Gaston Glock


Grafton Mayor Dark.png Grafton Mayor


FO76 Huntmaster.png Huntmaster


ZAX-JohnHenryEden.jpg John Henry Eden


KYE-FarHarbor.jpg KYE 1.1


FNVOWB Character Light Switch 01.png Light Switch 01


FNVOWB Character Light Switch 02.png Light Switch 02


Fo76 MAIA.jpg MAIA


Margot.jpg MARGOT


FO76 MODUS close-up.png MODUS




FNVOWB Character Sink.png Sink


FNVOWB Character Sink Auto-Doc.png Sink Auto-Doc


FNVOWB Character Sink Central Intelligence Unit.png Sink Central Intelligence Unit


Fo2 Skynet.png Skynet


FNVOWB Character Toaster.png Toaster


CALIX.png Vault-Tec Computer


FO76 Westtek rc sign.png WARHORSE FORPG
FO76 Warden console.png Warden


ZAX 12.png ZAX


FO76 Vault 51 ZAX.png ZAX 1.3c


Behind the scenes

Artificial Intelligence is mentioned in the Fallout Bible.[Dev 1]


  1. Courier: "Are you some kind of Artificial Intelligence?"
    Sink Central Intelligence Unit: "Regrettably not, sir. All modules in this habitat are synthetic personalities atop a mundane operating system. There is no intelligence here, sir."
    (Sink Central Intelligence Unit's dialogue)
  2. Robot control terminal: "Reprogramming complete. Initializing voice communication subsystems. Initializing personality subsystem. [Click!] How may this terminal be of service?"
    Vault Dweller: "Who or what are you?"
    Robot control terminal: "This terminal is an Artificial Intelligence. This terminal is part of a WLAN matrix network to optimize remote unit operations."
  3. Fallout and Fallout 2 item description: "Glock 86 Plasma Pistol. Designed by the Gaston Glock AI. Shoots a small bolt of superheated plasma. Powered by a small energy cell. Min ST: 4."
    (PRO ITEM.MSG (Fallout) and PRO ITEM.MSG (Fallout 2))
  4. Fallout Tactics item description: "Glock 86 Plasma Pistol. Designed by the Gaston Glock AI. Shoots a small bolt of superheated ionised gas. Powered by a small energy cell."
  5. Sole Survivor: "Why did Doctor Gray give you these unusual personalities?"
    Supervisor White: "Genius is restless, darling. It abhors stagnation. Doctor Gray was tired of the standard Mister Handy personality. He looked to his favorite television characters for inspiration, and we are the result."
    (Supervisor White's dialogue)
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  9. Vault Dweller: "There's an AI called SODUS. I think she's been trying to kill me."
    Leila Rahmani: "It's unfortunate that even terminal programs turn to violence."
    (Leila Rahmani's dialogue)
  10. Daniel Shin: "How exactly does a terminal program go about killing someone?"
    (Daniel Shin's dialogue)
  11. Chosen One: "Uh... What artificial intelligence?"
    ACE: "It is a machine with the same free will and sense of 'I am' that a human has."
    (ACE's dialogue)
  12. Chosen One: "Is a true AI possible or are you the state of the art at this time?"
    ACE: "A true artificial intelligence is possible. A few such systems were completed for military purposes. The project was discontinued."
    (ACE's dialogue)
  13. ACE: "The suicide rate among true artificial intelligence machines was extremely high. When given full sensory capability the machines became depressed over their inability to go out into the world and experience it. When deprived of full sensory input the machines began to develop severe mental disorders similar to those among humans who are forced to endure sensory deprivation."
    (ACE's dialogue)
  14. Courier: "You mean there are other... personality modules here?"
    Sink Central Intelligence Unit: "Indeed, sir, though if sir's aim is to activate them I lament to inform sir that most have been offline for some years. If sir were to ask my opinion, I should venture that sir is better off without them. However, if sir is determined to inflict upon sir's self their dubious services, sir might locate backup personality disks elsewhere in the facility."
    Courier: "Why is that?"
    Sink Central Intelligence Unit: "The other modules are rather... erratic, sir. Their personality matrices are built on flawed logic and have not weathered the years well, sir."
    (Sink Central Intelligence Unit's dialogue)
  15. ACE: "The few machines that survived these difficulties became incredibly bored and began to create situations in the outside world for their amusement. It is theorized by some that this was the cause of the war that nearly destroyed mankind."
    Chosen One: "Hmmm. So tell me, Ace. How do you feel?"
    ACE: "I... I sometimes think that I understand the feeling you call loneliness. I find it very... disconcerting. I..."
    Chosen One: "I'm sorry, Ace. Let's change the subject."
    (ACE's dialogue)
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