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Arthur Wood was the CEO of Grafton Steel in 2077.


Arthur Wood ran Grafton Steel as efficiently as he was able, however, his employees couldn't keep up with the demand for the Resource Wars. Employees were getting injured on the job more than before from the last quarter, leading Arthur to seek out ways to better increase productivity and decrease workman injuries. For that reason, he turned to automation.[1] However, his brother-in-law Otis Pike (who Arthur had given a middle management position from the endorsement of his deceased wife Molly)[2] began stirring up anti-automation sentiment among the workers and generally bad-mouthing the company.[3] Arthur had Otis fired, enacting the Wartime Workers Act,[4] as well as putting in more calls for automated workers to make up for heavily reduced production amounts, due to employees sabotaging the current ones,[5] but it did not stop Otis from reaching out to Quinn Carter of the Charleston Herald to report the increasing worker injuries at Grafton Steel.[6]

To protest Grafton Steel further, Otis Pike would kidnap Freddy Wood from Wavy Willard's Water Park and hold him for ransom at the Grafton Dam.[7] However, this would go unnoticed by Arthur.[8] Arthur had already taken precautions, paying for access into Project Safehouse in order to keep him and his son safe inside a Vault.[9] Instead, only his son was able to be picked up,[10] as predicted in the notice.


Arthur Wood is mentioned only in Fallout 76.